Weight Loss Tuesday


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Stewed Chicken

Dinner- Hamburger patty with spinach salad tossed with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

The weight continues to fly off this week. After about a 3 week plateau it is really nice to see the weight dropping off again.

I do have a bit of a land mine this weekend. I have to go to a birthday luncheon at a Mexican restaurant.

Even though I have lost over 100 pounds, you may be surprised to learn my willpower really isn’t that great. I have been able to lose the weight by having almost nothing to eat in my house and by avoiding situations and places where I might be tempted to cheat.

I did make a deal with myself back when I started in March 2010, that I would not worry about holidays and birthdays and occasional meals with friends. So for Thanksgiving, I ate like I wanted. Christmas, I ate way too much. I put on about 10 pounds over Christmas and New Years Day.

Those breaks are important to maintaining the mental health necessary to keep moving forward.

People like me need to learn a whole new way of eating. In the past, I ate what I wanted everyday. Now, I eat what I want on festive occasions then I make up for the splurge the rest of the week.  This is what we must all train our brains to do in the future.


Weigh yourself EVERY DAY! I know some people are against weighing everyday because it can lead to frustration from temporary water gain days.

Well, you know that else is frustrating? Going a week without losing weight and seeing that on a weekly weigh in. Or even worse or the monthly weigh ins.

Stepping on the scale each day, helps keep us focused on the goal at hand. If you weigh each day then you are accountable each day. No time to think to yourself well, I’ll splurge today and make it up the rest of the week before I weigh in. Nope. Each day you are accountable.

Also, once you get to your goal weight, it is very important that you continue to weigh in each day so you know if you are KEEPING IT OFF.

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