Hump Day Weight Loss


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Grapefruit

Lunch- Stewed Chicken

Dinner – Hamburger patty with salad tossed with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Just to let you know, the meals I post above are from the day before.  You will also start to notice that my meals are pretty much the same most of the time.  I have a very tight budget and I am too lazy to cook 3 meals a day so I do a lot of cooking a big batch and refrigerating or freezing it.

I am so excited to be at 209. I haven’t weighed 209 or less since maybe my sophomore year in high school about 25 years ago. I’ve been bouncing between 250 to 300+ for most of my adult life with a few short periods I got down to around 230 then right back up.

You will be excited to know I settled on more stewed chicken. It is really cold outside so the hot broth warms me up and fills me up. I’m sure most people would say it has no flavor because I use no salt, but I love it.

I make a roux with olive oil and flour. In the crock pot, I put some water in the crock pot with 4 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce, 4 teaspoons of srirracha, then lots of cayenne, black pepper, lots of Mrs. Dash tomato basil, and some garlic powder. Stir that all together with the roux in the crock pot then add the chicken. Cook for 6 to 8 hours.  The only salt is from the Wor sauce and srirracha but that only comes to about 650 mgs divided by 8 or 9 portions, so almost none.


Sodium. This stuff can cause a mess of problems for lots of people and it can even cause people to drop their diets if they think they had a great day, then upon weighing, they gained weight. Water weight can be a huge discouragement, so try to get a grip on your sodium intake.

STAY AWAY FROM SOUP! I grew up thinking good old wholesome Campbell’s soup was great for you. NO! Some of their soups have MORE than the RDA in one can, if you eat the whole can. Yes, some of the companies that make soup now have reduced sodium versions, but stay away from the normal soup. It can easily have 2500 mgs or more in a single can.

I’ve gone back and estimated my daily sodium intake before I started this diet and I was shocked that some days, I was mowing down over 6k mgs of sodium. A wonder I didn’t explode.

Happy Dieting! See you tomorrow.

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