Sudden Drops


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – 2 grapefruits

Lunch – string cheese

Dinner – Hamburger patty with salad tossed with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Skipped lunch. No reason, just got busy and couldn’t get to it.

I’ve dropped about 8 pounds in the last 8 days. At this point in the diet that is an extreme loss. This happens. Just like plateaus happen, sometimes you will have a fast drop in weight.  I haven’t had one like this since around September when I dropped 12 pounds over 14 days.

I’m not doing anything different. I haven’t started up exercising again. Not sure why the weight falls drops off suddenly but it is nice. It makes up for those really horrific plateaus. I was on a very long (3 week) plateau before this sudden drop off.

I’m not complaining. I need a nice loss this week because I have one of the unavoidable outings. I have to go to a birthday luncheon for my mother at a Mexican restaurant. I have zero willpower at Mexican restaurants. I’ll try, but I don’t see this Saturday being a good diet day for me.


Snacks. You must have a few around for when you feel like you are about to break. They need to be fairly low in calories yet satisfying enough to keep you from breaking. I use string cheese. Sometimes the regular flavor and sometimes pepper jack. I usually have one a day or two if I am starving.

Be careful if you buy snack bars. Even some of the ones that claim to be diet or low carb still have tons of calories and tons of carbs.

Find something that works and stick to it. I like cheese and since I have cut most other sodium out of my diet, the saltiness of the cheese it very satisfying.

Happy Dieting. See you tomorrow.

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