Hump Day!


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Grapefruit

Lunch – Stewed chicken with salad

Dinner- Hamburger patty with salad.

As expected, the water gain from yesterday has dropped off. Hopefully the scale will continue to tick down. I’m in no mood at the moment for another plateau. The one in January took a lot out of me.

I need to lose as much as I can this month since next month will be a bit tough with my birthday and the several birthday meals I will need to go to. Oh, plus Mardi Gras is next month. That can be trouble too so I need to have a great February to ease into the minefield that will be March.


Count those calories. It is very important that you have a pretty good idea of the number of calories you are eating.

There are tons of internet sites that give all the caloric information on just about any food. Just google  nutritional information and something usually pops up. BE CAREFUL.  Some sites don’t have very good information. If you think the caloric informations looks a little low, check another site.  After a while, you will have a good idea of what numbers are correct.

I don’t break out a scale to weigh every single portion but I do use measuring cups a lot.  I’m sure some days I am off on my estimate but probably not by much.

Try to buy food that has all of the caloric info and food that can be easily split into portions.

I get the hamburger patties pre-made. Makes portion control much easier. On veggies, I don’t worry too much about the portion since they are so low on calories anyway. My main veg is always lettuce or raw spinach which doesn’t have a whole lot of carbs or calories.

Estimating calories when out at a restaurant can be difficult and deceiving.  I try to eat at places that have nutritional info posted online or I find a similar meal from a place that does post online and use that information.

Counting calories is of course key to weight loss since you need to know how much you are eating so you can cut back a regulate the total calories per day.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

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