Weight Loss Thursday


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Eggs

Lunch – Stewed chicken with salad

Dinner – Hamburger patty with salad and a grapefruit

Hungry! For some reason last night I was really hungry. So much so that it kept me awake until pretty late. Not sure what was making me so hungry but unfortunately I was snackless, out of snacks.

Forgot to buy string cheese the last time I was at the store and I ate the last grapefruit for dinner. My only option was to push through the hunger until breakfast.


Don’t run out of snacks! Key to maintaining your focus and not running out to cheat is always having snack food around the house. I think I’ve already mentioned this but it really is important.

Especially since I ran out of snacks last night and I was tempted to cheat. I made it without cheating, but life is much tougher on this diet if you don’t have the right food in the house at all times.

Along with removing all the bad food from your fridge and pantry, one must also have plenty of the right kind of food in the house.

Settling on the right snacks can be tough at first. The snack must be satisfying enough to keep you from leaving the house to cheat, but not so satisfying that you end up eating all the snacks in one sitting. 😛

I’ll be restocked on grapefruit later on this afternoon when I get some from my dad’s tree.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

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