Excitement Monday!


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast -Eggs

Lunch – Grapefruit

Dinner – Stewed chicken and salad

Took a nap and slept through lunch so I had a late afternoon grapefruit.

Why excitement Monday? Well, I pulled the trigger and bought a bike. I figure with my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks that I would get enough money from friends and family to pay for the bike. I didn’t get anything remotely fancy.

I’m sure bike enthusiasts would snort in derision but who cares. I think it looks good. I bought it online so I am not sure when  I will get it. I definitely need to get a helmet too since I will be riding up on the levee with concrete on one side and grass on the other.

See! Walking never made me excited. This is definitely the right move to get me exercising again.

Here she is. It's a Huffy Savannah bike.

Tip Of The Day

Set realistic goals. Nothing could be worse than setting an impossible goal which ends up giving you an excuse to quit. One to two pounds a week is realistic for most people. Especially if you start with a really high weight.

You will probably lose more than that initially if you are counting calories and getting a little exercise.

I think I lost about 3 pounds a week the first month and then the weekly total declined. I still have a spurt from time to time where I lose more and I also have plateaus where I lose none. It balances out in the end.

Just make sure you set a realistic goal that doesn’t cause you to work too hard or stress out too much. On the other hand, you need to give yourself a goal that pushes you. Finding the happy medium can be difficult.


Okay, I didn’t follow this tip. When I started on March 16, 2010, I set my goal of 100 pounds by the end of the year. So, sue me. 😀

I did know at the time I set that goal that it was insanely unrealistic but that is what I entered into the goal on the website fitday.com.

In November, it looked like there was no way I was going to meet the goal, then BOOM! I had a little stomach virus that really cleaned house and I got back on track to meet the goal.

On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2010, I hit the 100 pound mark. BUT, that goal really wasn’t realistic. Setting something that large can cause people to quit. So don’t do it. Set smaller goals so you can pat yourself on the back as you reach them. Don’t set long term goals. That really wrecks my tip of taking it a day at a time.

Me = bad. I didn’t follow my own advice, but I might have been less stressed out in November and December had I not set that goal.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

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  1. I hope the biking works for you! I absolutely agree with that dieting tip. Even though sometimes it’s hard to keep (I definitely have set some unrealistic goals), having an eye for what is realistic helps to keep a straight head when things start to slow down a bit!

    Keep up the great writing!

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