Stuck On The Same Weight Plateau Saturday!


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Eggs

Lunch – Red Beans with sausage and salad

Dinner – Hamburger patty with salad

Snack – String cheese and grapefruit

I am getting frustrated. :~(

3 or 4 days at about the same weight. I was really expecting a drop this morning so I am more than a little grumpy that I didn’t have a drop.

This little guy knows exactly how I feel.

Plateaus are probably one of the top causes for people quitting. They work hard with both their diet and exercise and yet they see no drop on the stinking scale.

The mental aspect of cracking a plateau is actually harder than eating less. Hunger comes and goes but that anxiety, anger and depression that can come from the scale not moving can last for days.

In the last year, I have had many plateaus. Usually they last no more than 4 days or less but I have had a couple that lasted longer, one of which lasted close to two weeks.

Eating is not the solution. Sure it may break the plateau, but going UP is not what we are trying to achieve here.

Tip Of The Day

When you weigh yourself and the scale seem welded in place on the same number day after day, then perhaps you need to switch things ups a bit.

I’ve tried all sorts of things: more exercise, less exercise, breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast, menu shift, lower calories, and higher calories.

I can’t say what actually finally breaks the plateau. I can say that the higher calorie option is probably not the way to go. DON’T use a plateau as an excuse to eat up a storm. Learn from my mistakes.

On one forum I visit, one of the members always suggests shocking the system with 3 to 4k calories when you get stuck. I actually took his advice a couple of time, but in reality I was just using his advice as an excuse to eat until I felt I would explode.

Been there, done that.

The few times I have tried the eating more to shock the system, I of course gained weight, anywhere from 1-3 pounds. So instead of moving down, I moved up. I guess it did move me off the plateau, but not in the right direction.

When feeling anger or anxiety over the scale being stuck in one place, you need to distract yourself from thinking about food.

Watch a movie, take a walk, go to the gym, read a good book, play a new video game, get distracted  on YouTube, call a friend. Do anything to take your mind off the diet for a few  minutes. That is usually all it takes for the sour mood to pass.


Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

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