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The Bicycle Saga Continues

A quick recap for those new to the site.

On February 21st, I decided to buy a bike to get some exercise. I purchased the bike online at I checked the site to make sure a bike was in stock at the location that I chose for pickup.

That was my first mistake. I assumed my order would be matched with the bike at the location I selected. Nope! All online orders are processed at some central warehouse and must come from said warehouse because they want the revenue numbers for online and physical stores separate.

I was shocked when the original delivery date was listed as 2/28 – 3/4. I emailed them to let them know I was not happy with their online system and they should make it more clear that orders are not sent to local stores. I could have walked into the store on the 21st and purchased the bike.

They apologized for MY CONFUSION.  My confusion because they have an order system which favors the bean counters, not the customers. Condescending much? They promised to call me within 1-3 days to discuss the matter. They never called.

Then from the Feb 21st to March 2nd there was no update on tracking at all, so I start to get more than a little worried.   The night of March 2nd the tracking finally updates. My bike has been delayed and the new date is  March 12. Not just delayed a day or two but 8 full days. That would put delivery 19 days since I ordered the bike that is happily sitting in stock at the location I selected.

I email  a very unhappy aggravated reply to customer service about the tracking update. I ask them a simple question. Is it acceptable to take 19 days to receive an item in stock? They never answered this question, even when I asked a representative on the phone.

I get a call the next day and the guy tells me I have two choices. He will take $9.00 off the prices of the bike and I wait or he will refund my money but I still need to go into the store when the bike arrives and I must cancel my order at that time or I will be charged for the bike. So even though I canceled the order on the phone I have to do it all over again when the bike arrives?

I explain the flaw in rational behavior that even though I canceled my order with him on the phone, I will then need to drive 20 miles to cancel the order again. I don’t like either option so I tell him I want to speak to his boss. He said he was the top dog. I said nope, you report to someone, I want to talk to them.

I had to leave the house Thursday night and when I arrived home I had a message from Walmart upping the discount to $25.00.  I decided I would take that as it would pay for the bike helmet.

BUT…..Friday morning before I could contact Walmart I get another email from them. John, we are sorry but your bike has been lost or destroyed in transit. BOOM!

A few minutes later I get another email apologizing for the mess and offering a 30% discount on my next order along with FREE 1 day shipping. The email states I can use the offer to reorder my bike OR purchase “MULTIPLE EXPENSIVE ITEMS.”

That sure looks to me like I could reorder the bike and buy a few other things. I head over to the site and discover that the bike does not have 1 day shipping.  I email them to let them know this and they knock $10.00 off along with the 30% discount.

So I purchase the bike, bike helmet, gloves and air pump for $150.00 with shipping of $50.00 and tax of around $15.00 for a total of $215.00.

With the discount and waived shipping costs they are supposed to reimburse me for approximately $110.00 so my new total once they reimburse me should be around $105.00.

A few hours later I get an email. They have reimbursed me $29.00 for the bike and given me $2.97 off the $50.00 shipping charge. My heart and head explode at the same time.  My bill that should be $105.00 is still $182.00.

I call their online department and I am told the offer was only extended for the bike. I am also told the bike which weighs 50 pounds has a shipping cost of $2.97 while  the helmet, gloves and air pump somehow cost $47.00.

I argue that the email clearly stated I could use the discount and free shipping for more than one item. The lady disagrees. I ask her to explain to me what “MULTIPLE EXPENSIVE ITEMS” means to her. She has no explanation and she puts me on hold.

When she comes back she agrees to offer the discount and free shipping on everything. She then tries to charge tax on the $150.00 price. I explained that you tax on the discounted price. We went back and forth on this. She finally relented. Why would I be taxed on a price I am not paying? She then forgot the extra $10.00.

In the end after about 45 minutes and a heated phone conversation in which she got pretty angry with me, I finally had the price knocked down to $105.00.  Now we are back at square one, waiting for the bike to be delivered in 7 to 10 days.

Please let the saga be over, although I am concerned what my bank statement will look like and whether all the charges will be removed as promised.


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – 3 eggs, slice of cheese, 2 slices of bacon

Lunch – Chicken with onions and side salad

Dinner –  Hamburger patty with salad

Snack –  string cheese

Calories – 1200

After all that typing I don’t have much else to say. 😀 The whole bike fiasco has been a real pain. Is god sending me a warning not to buy a bike? 😀

Tip Of The Day

Be conscious of why you are eating. Are you hungry? Or is something else like stress causing you to eat.

Most of us with weight problems tend to be stress eaters. I’ve really noticed a few times in the last couple of months that I really wasn’t hungry but due to stress my brain was telling me to eat.

Of course knowing something and stopping yourself are two different things. Instead of reaching for some food, you need to find a stress release that works for you.

Go for a walk or jog. Go to the movies (no popcorn), watch a dvd, play a video game. DO anything that you like to do which will knock out the stress except grab that bag of chips.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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