Breaking Bike News

The Bike has arrived along with the helmet, air pump and gloves.

Oh dear. I now have a much greater appreciation for the horror many parents must go through each Christmas Eve when they open the box to put the bike together thinking “this won’t be so bad” only to see 12,033 pieces and an instruction manual with print so small an electron microscope is needed to read the print.

This is going to get ugly before it gets better and perhaps today was not the right day to stop drinking coffee.  I’m all wore out and have a pounding headache from my caffeine withdrawal. Hmmm…..i’ll head over to YouTube to see if anyone has a 46 hour tutorial on putting together a bike.  More tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man, getting grumpier by the minute

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  1. Glad to read your bike has arrived! : )

    • Now it sits in pieces mocking my inability to figure out the assembly instructions.

  2. eeep! Good luck with the bike! We told ourselves we were going to get our daughter a bike for Christmas, then put it off to her birthday (she turned 4 in February) then put it off again. We keep telling ourselves its because the weather isn’t good enough for her to enjoy it. But it’s partially because we dread putting it together 😉 She’s still happy with her tricycle and hasn’t asked for a bike yet, so maybe we’ll just keep putting it off for a little while…

    You should post a picture of the bike once it’s together.

    • I’m not sure but I think a treasure map is hidden within the riddle they call bike assembly instruction. If deciphered correctly, the map leads to The Lost City of Gold.

      I currently have more chance of finding said lost city of gold than putting this bike together. 😀

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