Bike Assembly Friday?

My step-dad should be here in about an hour to help with the bike assembly. My online friends continue to tell me that the bike is a piece of cake to put together. The only tip is to make sure the brake line is very tight so the brakes work.

In theory the assembly should be easy. There are only a few parts that haven’t already been assembled but the second I open the instruction manual I seem to lose my grasp on the English language and everything starts looking like alien  hieroglyphics.  This could be the caffeine withdrawal still hanging around or it could actually be an alien assembly manual. Probably trying to trick me into building one of the alien portal space travel thingamabobs.

Better chance it is my innate inability to build or fix anything other than replacing a light bulb.


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Eggs, slice of cheese, bacon

Lunch – Chicken with onions

Dinner – Chicken with onions and salad

Snack – Bacon

Calories – under 1200

Had a rough hunger night last night. Not sure if it was because I switched up and had a lighter dinner or maybe I ate too early.

I had to be out of the apartment last night and being in my car and really hungry is not a good combination.

I also violated my tip from earlier this week, “don’t shop hungry.” Walking up and down the aisles was torture.  My eye was especially interested in the Zatarains Chicken Alfredo.

It may not look like much but it is one of the better frozen dinner offerings out there and of course a million calories with 2 billion mgs of sodium.

I made is safely out of the store and back into my car but then the parade of fast food joints hit me. First was the smell of Rally’s fries coming through my window.  That immediately set my brain afire with bad thoughts of fast food.

Right next to the Wal-Mart where I shop, there is a Rally’s, 2 McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Burger King, Raising Canes, and a few other drive through restaurants. Definitely the fast food gauntlet.

You know what kept me from hitting that gauntlet. You guys. I knew I would have to hang my head in shame and post the results of my food orgy on here. So thanks for reading and keeping me on the straight and narrow path.

Tip Of The Day

As you can see last night could have been a disaster and would have been a disaster a few months ago. But this site kept me honest and I also have  a race to 185 with someone on another site. Both those online interactions actually kept me from cheating last night.

Make your own weight loss blog food log. It will keep  you honest. It will at least make you think about it before cheating and that one extra bit of pressure may stop you from eating.

I also suggest that you find an active weight loss forum to post in a few times a day. They are great for support and for a little friendly competition as I have with a friend online. The site I go to isn’t weight specific. It is actually a college football web site, but we started a diet thread in September and it is still going strong.

My step sister has told me that is a good site and I would imagine the livestrong site has an active forum.

We need all the support we can get and who better to receive it from than the people who have the same problems and understand what you are going through. Find an active forum and check it out a few times a day or as needed to buoy your willpower.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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  1. Again, good luck with the bike assembly!

    Very proud of your resistance to last night’s temptations! You are doing great! You keep me in check with my dieting too so thank you!

  2. Good job on sticking to your diet and not caving in at those fast food joints. Pat yourself on the back for that!!

    Good luck on the bike.
    Sparkpeople is a great site!!

  3. if you add veggies its a lot easier to put a stop on your hunger. cook some veggies in no sodium chicken bullion. it adds flavor with out adding fat and little calories. then if you get hungry, more veggies. to a point you will decide your not hungry enough to make or eat any more veggies.

    • I’m low carbing so too many veggies doesn’t work. I do eat two spinach salads a day. Most days hunger really isn’t a problem. I just ate a little too early yesterday and my calories were a little lower than normal.

      I may get some raw broccoli to gnaw on when I’m hungry.


  4. I love this blog 😀

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