Second Attempt Saturday!

For those of you who did not read the breaking news yesterday, the maiden voyage of my bike did not go as planned.

I didn’t even make it out of the gate of my apartment complex so it was an epic fail indeed.

I learned a key lesson. DO NOT RIDE when you know all the bolts aren’t tightened 100%.  My step-dad didn’t have an Allen wrench for the bolt holding the handlebars so it was a little loose.

I still decided to test the bike to see if everything else was fine. Bad bad bad bad idea.

As I was nearing the gate the handlebars came loose and I took a tumble to the right.

A few minor scraps but nothing serious. One of the reflectors broke off, but I think I can fix it easy enough.

So last night I took a trip to Home Depot to get a metric wrench set and an adjustable wrench. Also picked up a 68 piece screwdriver kit. Once home I was able to tighten every everything. I’ll give it another once over before heading out again.

Not 100% sure I will be able to ride today. The palm of my left hand is a touch tender and sore. Not sure exactly how I landed on it since I fell on my right side. I’ll test it out later to see how much it hurts to ride with it.

The weight is moving ever so slowly now even in Atkins induction.


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – 3 eggs, slice of cheese, bacon

Lunch – Hamburger patty and salad

Dinner – Hamburger patty and salad

Snack – string cheese

Calories – 1267

End of my shopping cycle. I need to warm up the crock pot and cook some chicken with onions later today. Decided to stick with chicken again.

I am still feeling extra grumpy as I continue to have withdrawal symptoms from giving up coffee for lent.

I was grumpy enough to punch a unicorn yesterday. Don’t worry, no unicorns were harmed during the production of this blog.

The Keys Incident

Last night as I am on the way out to Home Depot, I can’t find my keys.  I only keep my keys in one spot when I get back to my apartment. They are ALWAYS on a table near my computer desk along with my wallet, cell phone, change, mp3 player and various other items. Always.

Either in my pants or on that table, those are the only options.

They weren’t there. I checked the pants from when I was riding. Nope. Not in the pants so I dropped them back on the couch. Checked the couch cushions. Checked computer chair cushions. Checked every square inch of the apartment. Checked the pants again.

At this point I start freaking out a little bit. I only have one car key and it costs an arm and a leg to get a new one and given I drive a 200-year-old car, I have no idea what I am going to have to go through to get a new key. My apartment complex charges an arm and a leg for lost keys too. So I am more than a little worried at this point.

Worry transforms to fear when I realize that if the keys are not in my apartment then there is only one place I could have left them. I can’t be in my apartment without my keys because of the door lock. So I must have left them in the door. I run to the door and open it, but alas no keys. They have been taken out of the door.

So now I am sure that the guy to the left took my keys and is waiting until later to enter my apartment and steal everything before putting it all in my car and driving away with all of my belongings.

So I ransack the apartment again. I check the pants again and then I toss the pants over on another chair.

Nothing. Feeling more than a little deflated at this point. I get up and go over to the pants a 3rd time and shake them in anger and the keys hit the floor…. er…..what the……

Where did they come from? I searched them twice and probably shook them a few times before.  Where did those keys come from?

MASSIVE RELIEF. It was like Christmas come early.

Tip Of The Day

I was just reading another weight loss site and as a tip they said to set achievable goals. That is certainly true and I constantly tell people they need to set reachable goals to gain momentum.

BUT….. the site said upon reaching those small achievable goals it was okay to eat your favorite meal even if it is pizza or a cheeseburger.

NO! NO! NO! We need to get out of the mindset that food is a reward, not condition it even further. What a terrible tip! Bangs head against the wall.

I am not saying we should never treat ourselves from time to time. I will still eat the occasional fast food once I reach my goal. But then I will moderate the rest of the week so that one trip does no harm.

But we should not be using food as a reward.  Take a relaxing day off from exercising, take a trip to the store to buy some new clothes or something else you have wanted but do not reward yourself with a mega meal. Don’ t those idiots realize how long it takes to drop a pound or two that you may gain from a mega meal?  That tip made me Grumpy. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

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