Same Weight Sunday

I have my full grump on today. A combination of no coffee combined with only losing one pound in the last week has me on full grump alert. This is not a drill. The emergency broadcast system will alert you of your local  evacuation plan.

I had a great diet week with a tiny drop in weight. Yes  I know, 1 to 2 pounds is what I should expect from here on out, but I thought good old Atkins induction would keep things moving a little faster. This time it is not.


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Eggs, cheese slice, bacon

Lunch – Hamburger patty and salad

Dinner – Hamburger patty and salad

Snacks – string cheese, bacon

I was pretty darn hungry again last night.  Not sure why. I’ve been eating the same way for so long now without hunger, but the last few days my body as been asking for more.

I have the chicken in the crock pot and all done so I’ll be back on chicken with onions for lunch the next 10 days. It doesn’t taste very good.  I think had the bay leaf in a little too long.  It is a wee bit overpowering. Can’t taste anything but bay leaf. 😦


Took the bike out on the 2nd test run and it appears I have everything tightened up. There is a slight rattle that I can’t figure out where it is coming from.

One thing I learned from the test ride is that I am even worse shape than I thought I was in and I thought I was in pretty lousy shape.

The muscles that I haven’t used in 20 years were very angry to be awakened from their deep hibernation. It is going to take a while to get in decent shape.

After my mishap on the first bike ride, I am staying off the levee until I feel I have regained my bike skills and balance. Maybe a few more days. Wiping out on the levee would not be good as there is a pretty steep drop to one side which is also concrete.  Plus there are always a good deal of bikers, runners and walkers up on the levee.

Lent Update

No coffee has been really tough. A Catholic friend of mine just reminded me that on Sunday one can indulge in the items given up for lent. 😀

He gave up the internet for lent but he just posted on face book to remind me that he isn’t giving up the internet for 6 weeks straight because he can at least check the net and play around on Sundays.

As I have mentioned before, I am not Catholic, but I attended Catholic schools my whole life. I can now recall making sport of my friends over the whole Sunday issue.  I think strict Catholics tend to pay no attention to the Sunday cheat but others run with it.

As I said back in school, how hard is it to give something up for 6 days? Not very hard in my book, so even though I would love to fire up the coffee maker and even though I have an excuse to do so, I will not. Taking this one all the way from beginning to end. So the extra grumpiness will continue.

Going to Home Depot the other night almost sent me into a fit. The Home Depot near me is within a few blocks of a coffee roasting company and the aroma of freshly roasted coffee was intoxicating.  It had me thinking about the Starbucks right next to Home Depot.  I think I need to avoid that area until lent is over. 😀


Tip Of The Day

Staying Positive –  This is hard to do at certain times during the diet. As you can see, I’m aggravated by my recent progress but I can’t let that get me down. Grumpy is ok but down is not.

When I feel my positive energy shifting to negative how do I switch it back.

1. I head to my favorite weight loss forum and VENT and SCREAM and VENT some more.  I try to release that negative energy ( oh no, I sound like some new age hippie beatnik).  I usually get plenty of responses with encouragement, support and a few good spirited jokes.  It is always great to be able to interact with people with the same frustrations.

2. I look at my closet. When I started I had about 2 shirts that fit and one pair of pants. I now have probably 30 shirts (way too big now) that I can wear. Most of the pants, I can no longer wear or suits or sports coats.  I went from being too big to wear anything in my closet to too small.  Anytime I feel down, I head to the closet and even put on a pair of the biggest pants.

Now, not everyone can do that, but if you have been on a diet for a while, you may have some clothes that fit better. The clothes that don’t fit can be a goal for you to shoot for. Thinking about getting back into your favorite pair of jeans can help turn that negative thinking back into positive thinking.

Those two simple steps help me turn that frown upside down…….well, I wouldn’t go that far they change my scowl to a smirk.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow


The Grumpy Man

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  1. I’m a tad grumpy myself today. Actually I’m in full-on Eeyore mode. I think I’ll follow your lead and go look in my closet. That plus a little “Bad Day” music should help me get over it.

    Maybe the lack of lost weight this week was caused by the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Human bodies are holding on to fat in the event of a catastrophe. That’s what I’ll blame my paltry results on anyway.

    • We all have those evil plateaus. They are a real pain to fight through.

      I just left a comment on your blog. You are working out a lot so you are losing fat and gaining muscle. That is great and will make you look and feel better.

      Keep at it and that stinker of a scale will start moving in the right direction.

      I do get the frustration. Been there done that a lot over the last year.

    • Trying on your too big clothing is a great idea, though it seems to me you might want to get rid of most of those. Why keep them? You’re never going back! I can’t wait until I have some clothes that are big on me to remind me of where I came from… maybe in another 30 pounds or so I will have some clothes falling off… for now they just give me a saggy butt 😦 Well, at least it’s something!

      • At some point I will give them to goodwill or my church but for now I like them for those negative spirit days.

  2. I don’t know if this will help, but I’ve curbed my coffee cravings by drinking decaf tea. It’s tough finding a good one, but so far the brand Good Earth has worked for me.

  3. Glad to hear the second run of the bike went better than the first. Love the tip, it has been very important for me to stay positive!

  4. I think the “free Sunday” idea is ridiculous! My daughter and I walked into a store’s grand opening and the lady tried to push slices of (delicious looking) cake at us. When I explained that we had given up sugar for Lent (she didn’t want to take no for an answer), this French Canadian little old Catholic lady told me “oh, you can cheat a little”! Cheat who??? So, good for you – stick to your guns.

    Bravo on the exercise!

    • I would be interested to see when the Sunday cheat started of if it was always allowed under lent. Hmm…wiki leads me to believe that the Sunday cheat has been around for a long time. I never knew that although I still think 6 days is wimpy so I’m sticking old school.

      Apparently, meat fowl and dairy were not allowed through the entire lenten season. That was whittled down to just Friday for meat.

      If a Saint’s feast day falls on Friday during lent, the local bishop can waive the meat fasting requirement which they do. Especially in Irish heavy cities.


      Not feeling cranky from my coffee fast but I am missing the energy boost.

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