Milestone Monday!!!

Time to celebrate!  The big 200 has been cracked. I haven’t been under 200 in at least 26 years. Next stop 185 and then on to my final goal of 175.  As Kool & The Gang best said it…… “Celebrate Good Time, come on!”


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Chicken & onions

Lunch – Eggs, slice of cheese, bacon

Dinner – Hamburger patty with salad

Snack – string cheese, bacon

Calories – Around 1200

Once again I was really hungry last night. I had an extra bacon snack. Bacon violates my rule of thumb on snacks. It is too darn tasty to have around. I think I’m already about 3 or 4 portions down from where I should be. Maybe I need to find another meat source to go with my eggs. Maybe Canadian bacon slices or pork slices.

Not sure why I have been hungry the last few days. I do think once I start riding the bike daily I will probably need to add a few more calories into the mix.

Bike Update

I really should learn to take my own advice at some point. 😀

Yesterday I said I wouldn’t head up to the levee until I had regained my bike balance and control. Well, I of course then took the bike right up to the levee.

The wind was killing me. Blowing right at me and nearly holding me in place.  I think people were walking faster than me.

Small children on the tricycles were blowing past me and giving me a kick and ugly glare as they passed. I need to lose weight so I can pedal that sucker easier.

I did ride a little bit longer than the last ride but I probably only rode about 1.5 miles (total 3 miles) before turning around. Coming back was much easier with the wind at my back so I decided to see how fast I could get the bike moving at which point I flew off the pavement and onto the grass. 😀

No injuries or wipeouts, just a red face from embarrassment. 😀

Good thing I did that on the grass side and not the pavement. I would be writing this post from the hospital had I done that on the pavement side because it is a much steeper grade. Another lesson learned.

The hardest part of the ride occurs once I am back at the apartment. I have to lug the bike up to the third floor with Jello legs and all worn out. Here are a couple of pictures. I am still having a tough time getting good pictures with my mp3 player.

There is a tiny sliver of the bike road. Lots of creepy trees hiding the view of the mighty Mississippi.

And thar she blows! The Huffy Savannah bike. My only beef with the bike is the horrible seat adjustment. It is impossible to raise the seat. I’ve tried 3 times and it always falls back to the lowest spot the second I climb on. 😦

Maybe once I get down a few more pounds the stupid seat will stay in place.

Tip Of The Day

I am saying this tip over and over in my head to try to make me follow through.

Don’t over do it!

I’ve said this before and I will say it again. I need to say it and read it over and over to try to drill it into my stubborn head.

We all have trouble with moderation. Even when it comes to diet and exercise we tend to go overboard. This leads to burnout and giving up.

I think I said this recently but I need the tip today because I’m already planning these long bike rides yet I can barely pedal as fast as a kid on a tricycle and I have zero stamina.

I need to tamp down that enthusiasm just a tad and slowly work my way back into a semblance of shape.

Slow and steady really can help you win the diet race. So take it slow and steady to avoid burnout.

I’m just going to try to go a little further each day. Maybe once a week on Saturday I will try  a longer ride but every other day I will just slowly try to build a little more stamina.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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