Tired Tuesday

This would definitely be a heavy coffee drinking day if I had not given up coffee for lent. I am really dragging today. Negative energy.


I was a little nervous I might bounce back over 200, so it was nice to see another drop this morning to solidify my position on the lower side of 200.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Eggs, cheese slice, bacon

Lunch – Chicken with onions and salad

Dinner – Hamburger Patty with salad

Snacks – string cheese, bacon

Calories – under 1200

Bike – Mile marker 250 – 3 miles

Yuck! I always say you can’t mess something up in the crock pot but I gone and done it with this batch of chicken. I used way to much water to make the broth and I had the bay leaves in way to long.  It tastes like a watery bowl of bay leaf. 😦

Not looking forward to lunch for the next 7 days.

Bike Update

Once again, the wind tried to beat down my spirit. The wind was blowing so hard up on the levee I could barely get the bike moving.

Luckily the wind was blowing against me on the way out. I have no idea how I would have made it back if the wind was blowing that hard against me on the way back. The ride home was easier but once again carrying the bike up to the 3rd floor on rubbery legs nearly kilt me. 😀

Oh, one of my reader’s, Optifast Loser, mentioned on his blog that he too had trouble with his bike seat but he was able to fix it. So I decided to take another look at my bike seat and lo and behold, I fixed it. I wasn’t closing the clamp the right way. So now I am 100% happy with the bike. 😀

As long as it doesn’t kill me…. 😀

No mishaps on the levee yesterday other than the wind conspiring with Wal-Mart to break my spirit.

Tip Of The Day

The Town Drunk

I saw this tip on another blog yesterday and it hit home so I mention it here.


Alcohol. If you are a drinker, you need to be careful with alcohol when dieting. I don’t drink anymore, but I know the perils of alcohol on a diet. Many times in the past alcohol led to diet disruptions or even quitting.

First you have to worry about the calories in the drink itself. If you are drinking liquor with a mixer then potentially even more calories.

Second, and the main danger, lowered inhibitions. After a few drinks, you are much more likely to agree with your friends that the Super Grande Nachos  with extra everything is an essential part of a diet . Been there, done that.

If you can truly moderate your drinking then a little wine or light beer won’t destroy your diet, but a bad night here and there really can destroy all your hard work. Be careful.  I would suggest a moratorium on alcohol during your diet but if you must have a few drinks then make sure you keep it to a few. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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