Day Off Sunday

I plan to have a wonderful relaxing Sunday with no bike riding. As I stated before, Sunday and Wednesday will be days of rest to give my body a little time to recuperate.


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Tuna fish with bacon and avocado

Lunch – Chicken with onions

Dinner – Hamburger, cheese slice and salad

Snack – String cheese and bacon

Calories – 1300

Bike Update

5 Miles

I decided to experiment with the open road yesterday to see if the wind would be as bad down on street level.

I was quite happy to see that it was not nearly as bad. I was able to ride almost the whole way with no stops. I did stop at one point because my back right where my neck meets my back felt like it was on fire.

I just stopped for a second and rubbed it a bit and headed back on my way. I was not nearly as exhausted when I got back to the apartment so getting the bike up the stairs wasn’t nearly as bad. Instead of almost killing me it only almost caused me to have a stroke. 😀

I’m not a big fan of the road ride because the road is ugly and full of cars but for now I think I will stick to the road until I build up some stamina. Once I am in better shape I can try the levee again.

It is starting to warm up here in the New Orleans metro area so I am going to try to keep my rides to early in the morning before the heat and traffic kick in.

Food prices are getting out of control!!! 😦

The hamburger I usually buy has gone from 6.98 to 8.68 in just a few months.  Green peppers have gone from 2 for a dollar to 1 for 1.44.

All vegetables have been spiraling out of control.  I’m sure gas prices are to blame for a large chunk of the recent food inflation.

I don’t want to politicize this here weight loss blog but I am fed up. We aren’t even out of the last recession and it appears we could be headed into the next one if oil keeps going up.( Yes I know technically we are out of the recession but with almost 10% unemployment and real unemployment much higher, it still feels like we are in a recession)

I’m not going to point fingers. There is plenty of blame to go around to both parties. At this point I hate them all. They did absolutely nothing when oil went to $144.00 and caused the last recession and now they are doing nothing as oil once again heads over $100.00.  The Gulf Moratorium isn’t helping matters.

I am tired of hearing that Republicans are in the pockets of Big Business. It has been clear for the last 8 years that the Democrats are also in the deep pockets of big oil. They both have done nothing to curtail prices. They haven’t even tried to stress conservation practices. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Ethanol is one of the biggest jokes in political history. Causes just as much pollution as gasoline and has the added benefit of causing beef and other products that use corn to skyrocket in price. That was a great government payoff to the corn states.

What is the solution? Heck if I know, this is a Rant not a solution thread. 😛

No Tip Today – Family medical emergency. Everything appears to be fine but I’ve been out of my apartment since this morning so I didn’t have a chance to finish the post..

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