Tremulous Tuesday

I am a little nervous about my weight in today. I was already up about a pound yesterday and yesterday I went out with my dad for my birthday lunch. As I have said before, when I am out on special occasions I don’t force myself to behave. I allow myself to have a nice treat guilt free.

It has been about a month since my last treat so I was chomping at the bit. Off we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for fajitas. They were fantastic. Also split the basket of chips and salsa with my dad.  So the number is probably not going to be friendly. Lots of calories and even more sodium will probably cause a pop up.

BREAKING NEWS! My stupid browser crashed and I just lost a giant paragraph and have no memory of what I wrote. What if it was figured out the meaning of life in that paragraph??? Oh wait no, it was just about me being nervous and afraid to head over to the mean evil scale.

323/198.4/185  Ouch!

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Tuna fish with avocado

Lunch – Massive fajitas fest and chips with salsa and bean dip. 😛

Dinner – None

Snacks – String Cheese

Calories – Approx 2000

It could have been worse but it also could have been better. I should have kept my hand out of the chip basket, but O how I love thee, salty snack.

Oh well, a little brush off and back to work.

Bike Update

So I woke up at 6:30am on Monday with the plan to hit the bike before my lunch with dad. I figured once I had lunch I would be too bloated to hit the bike.

So I got out my bike helmet and sunglasses, put them on and ….. oh no……what’s happening……. I realized I had not grabbed my bike helmet and glasses. I had in fact grabbed……

Somehow it went from 6am to ten minute of 6pm.  Somehow I was in my sisters apartment asleep on her couch. (ran by to get a few things for her. She is fine now)

I got back to my place at about 6pm and was all ready to toss in the towel. No way I can muster forces to get out on the road at this point. I’m still half asleep and my heart isn’t in it.

Then I thought about you guys and gals and how you would feel reading that I had let you down.

I kid. I know you wouldn’t have been upset. 😛

I still didn’t want to slink back onto the internet with my tail between my legs and report I missed a bike ride after my day off.

So off I trudged down the stairs. I rode the first 2.5 miles on the road then cut over to the levee because I knew I would have a tail wind home.

I actually felt a little stronger yesterday. Not sure if that was the extra food or some newly built stamina. Possibly both.

5 Mile Ride

Tip Of The Day

What to do after a real bad eating day? Well first off, don’t use this as an excuse to quit. I’ve jumped 3 pounds up so far this week. In the past that would be frustrating enough for me to use it as an excuse to quit.

The logic being, I’ve cheated and gained weight so this is too hard so I should just quit. Been there, done that, wrote the book, sold the movie rights, attended the Broadway show. 😀

Back around July, I almost did quit. I had an especially bad week and hit Taco Bell like 4 times. My diet was crumbling all around me as I reached for my keys to hit taco bell a 5th time but somehow I said enough is enough and stopped myself.

And I started over. Lots of water to flush out all the sodium from the binge.  And then I simply started over again. You just pick yourself up from the ground, brush yourself off and start over.

After my big gain this morning, I’ve already had about 32 ounces of water. I’ll simply go back to my normal meal plan and exercise routine. In a few days, that evil weight gain will be gone.

Thin people aren’t thin because they never eat food that is bad for them. They are thin because after eating those bad meals, they then make up for it the rest of the week by watching what they eat ( a mini-diet).

We just need to learn to have fewer bad days and more moderation in our lives. Yeah, I know. Easier said than done. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.


The Grumpy Man

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