Mechanic Monday!

Biking Update

The bike ride perhaps could have gone a bit better on Sunday. I braved the ferocious winds with the intention of adding  a bit of distance after my day off on Saturday.

I took to the streets to avoid the head winds on the levee and things were going just fine.

I hit my turnaround spot so I headed to the levee to catch the tail wind home. As I pushed the bike up the levee something went wrong with the thingamabobs and upon reaching the top of the levee, the back wheel wouldn’t budge.

A little short of breath from the climb up the levee and worn out from the ride, there was only one thing to do at this point. Only I didn’t have a samurai sword to perform hari kari, so instead I called my step-dad to come pick me up. Thanks Sam. You saved my life.

I should also think the inventor of the cell phone. 😀

He thinks the gizmo that holds the thingamabobs together came loose which allowed the wheel to jam up against the bike frame. In theory it shouldn’t be hard to fix, so I will work on that later on today. I need to get this thing fixed today so I don’t use it as an excuse to skip my ride.

Oh along with wind, I also hate the sun. It was hot out there today even though a day like today will feel like winter come June – August.

One way trip to road marker 330 – 3.6 miles

323/199.2/185 😦

I really thought I would have a loss today. I figured some of that weight had to be water. Definitely not the way I wanted to start the week.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Tuna with avocados and spinach

Lunch – Chicken with onions and salad

Dinner – Red beans with ham

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1000

Figured I was no longer in Ketosis anyway so I had a few extra carbs on Sunday. My step dad made some awesome red beans that put mine to shame. Might have had something to do with the salty meat and Tony C’s mixed with the beans.

Oh….that takes me to my next topic…..

Salt. My whole life I have heard from all the health nuts that we don’t need salt and once you stop using it, you will never miss it ever again.

Hogwash! Balderdash! Codswalllop! Poppycock! Malarkey! Horsefeathers!

I call shenanigans on anyone that tries to spread those lies. 😛

I’ve been on a low sodium diet for probably around 8 months. I keep my sodium under 1500 mgs almost every day. About the only time I go over that number is when I go out to eat which as you know is not often.

My red beans taste like dried beans. My step-dad’s red beans tasted like the elixir of the gods.

The whole idea that our palates will magically transform to the point we no longer crave salt on our food has as much truth to it as stories about this guy……

That is not to say some meals can’t be very nice with limited sodium, but that whole idea that we will no longer like or crave salty foods is pure fiddle-faddle. 😛

Yes, after a night out dining, I need to drink more water but it is worth it for some real flavor now and then.

Hopefully the bike riding will get my blood pressure down enough that I don’t need to worry as much about salt. 😀

Tip Of The Day

When purchasing a bike, have the bike store put it together for you. 😀

Not much of a tip but it can save lots of frustration and aggravation when your wheel suddenly decides to jam 3.5 miles from home.

11 Tips To Starting A Diet

1. See your doctor.

2. Clean the pantry and fridge of all junk food.

3. Start a weight loss diary and food log.

4. Choose a diet and develop a meal plan.

5. Find some form of support group for weight loss online.

6. Tell your friends and family you are on a serious diet.

7. Purchase vitamins and supplements to help the body out.

8. Weigh yourself at minimum, once a week.

9. Slowly add exercise to your plan (SLOWLY. DO NOT OVER DO IT).

10. Stay positive even when things get tough. The support groups can help you stay positive.

11.  Eat less and move more. The key to any successful diet. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow


The Grumpy Man




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  1. Arg! I feel you, Grumps, I really do! (Can I call your Grumps? LOL!) It’s so frustrating to see the numbers climbing back up when we’ve worked so hard to get them moving the opposite direction. Hang in there and continue doing what you know works. I hope your bike’s thingamabob problem is an easy fix. 🙂 About the salt, I kinda wonder if it depends on the person. I notice that I’m very sensitive to it and can hardly eat a dish that has very much salt at all, whereas my husband devours it no problem. I always stare in amazement when we go out to eat and he adds more salt to the food that, to me, is perfectly, if not a little overly salted. A lady at work had to go on a very low sodium diet due to high blood pressure and she says that now she can’t even eat foods that she doesn’t prepare herself b/c the sodium level appalls her. She makes her beans without salt and can’t eat canned beans b/c she says it’s like eating a spoonful of salt. Here’s to hoping your salt monster gets tamed as hers did! Out of curiosity, when’s the last time you had your bp checked? I would think that losing all that weight and getting active might be enough to get it to a good level so that you can enjoy your sodium without problems.

    • I can certainly taste things when they are extra salty and it makes me drink tons of water, but I still love the boost it gives to the flavor.

      If after 8 months I still have a hankering for salt, I’m not sure I am every going to lose the taste for salt.

  2. And there are most definitely some foods that *MUST* have salt! Eggs, beans (I grew up eating red beans, too… and called ’em that… try cooking them with a ham hock), cantaloupe (yes, you read that correctly), French fries… the list goes on and on. It’s an essential flavor and just needs to treated with the same respect as everything else food related. All things in moderation!

  3. Often times, cravings are our bodies way of saying that they actually need what is being craved. Salt, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Our bodies do require a certain daily intake, but if you have a craving for it, it may simply be that, with your low daily intake, combined with your aerobic activity (you do sweats various salts), that you are leaving you body with less than it requires. Consider a slightly higher intake for a relatively short period (week), and see if that does anything for your cravings. You can always resort to lower levels after your test.

    • It isn’t really a craving issue. It is that food tastes a lot better with a little salt. I’m just a tad tired of eating bland food which I have been doing for the most part since last year.

      The tuna fish has a good deal of sodium so I am enjoying that for now.

  4. Fresh lemons are a great way to add flavor to foods without adding a whole bunch of salt. I always encourage people on a lower-fat or lower-salt diet to use lemons. Fresh lemons (especially because they have live enzymes) perform miracles with flavor. Personally, I just squeeze a fresh lemon over salads instead of using a dressing, and that saves a lot of calories. Often, if you are cutting back on salt, you can add a bit of lemon juice to a recipe and you’ll never miss the flavor of the salt.


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