Nature’s Fury!

I headed out for my bike ride late Tuesday afternoon with ominous storm clouds approaching.  My nemesis the wind, was laughing in my face as I hit the levee. I checked the weather map before leaving and it looked like I had plenty enough time to get back before rain would hit, if it even hit at all.

Definite improvement as I was able to ride into the wind without dying for 3.6 miles, although my legs were a bit wobbly when I turned around. Good thing the wind didn’t change directions or I might still be napping on the levee.

Turning around, I noticed the sky was a nice purple with little blips of lightning way off in the distance.  The idea of becoming a human lightning rod did not excite me so off I raced about as fast as my weak legs could go all the way back to my apartment and made it inside with almost no time to spare. I think it started raining and thundering about a minute after I sat down.

Biking Update

Road marker 350 – 7.2 miles

My first real bike goal was to be able to ride to the Huey P. Long Bridge which is about another 3 miles from where I turn around. At least now when I reach the turn around spot,  I can see the Huey off in the distance.

Weight Update


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Chicken with onions

Lunch – Tuna with avocado and spinach

Dinner – Hamburger patty, cheese slice and spinach.

Snack – String Cheese

Calories – 1200

Still really liking the tuna and avocado. The chicken is a little better than the last attempt but not perfect.

I was adding a touch of cayenne pepper to the crock pot when I accidentally opened the big side of the bottle instead of the side with small holes. Probably dumped 4 tablespoons of heat into the chicken. 😀

I’ve been using tons of cayenne for the last 6 months to stimulate water drinking so I have a pretty large tolerance to cayenne.

Tip Of The Day

Rest. The body needs a break to give your muscles time to heal. Wednesday is one of my rest days during the week.  So today I will be resting and won’t hit the levee. Perfect timing since it has been raining all morning.

The brain needs some rest too, so that is why the tip of the day is so short today. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.


The Grumpy Man

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  1. Great post! As I read this I thought about Tony Horton from P90x, as that’s been my daily workout for a couple of weeks now. He says you have to have a goal, even if you don’t reach it, and it sounds as though you went out there with on. Good job on the riding, even if it was shorter than expected. Tony also talks about how your muscles need to rebuild, so good with the day off. Enjoy your day!

    • Actually the ride wasn’t shorter than expected. That was the furthest I have been able to get to date. 😀

      I know I am getting healthier, just wish that dang scale would move a little quicker.

  2. Do you mind if I mention your blog in my post on Friday? Let me know either way. Thanks!

  3. Great job! Sounds like you are back on track with 7.2 miles! I can still barely get around the subdivision without wanting to flop. But I’ll get there! I’m going to have to try tuna with avacado.

    • Going to be tough today because it appears I will have the wind in my face on the way home when I am already tired. 😦

      You keep up the good work too. 😀

  4. Seems like the biking is getting easier! That is a very true tip, Saturday’s are my rest days 🙂

    • Not quite as hard would be the correct way to say the change on the bike. 😛

      Nothing easy about it. 😀

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