Angry Friday!!!

I’m not a happy camper this morning. My weight continues to creep up and I am now 4 pounds heavier than almost 2 weeks ago.

Yes, I understand in all likelihood, I am losing fat and replacing it with heavier muscle but it still makes me angry, frustrated and Grumpy.

Plateaus are bad enough but now I’m climbing up a stinking mountain and it is not as much fun as these guys had climbing their mountain.


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Chicken

Lunch – Skipped

Dinner – Chicken with onions, salad

Snack – None

Calories – Under 1000

Thursday is always a hectic day for me so I ended up missing a meal and having the same thing twice because it was easier to make.

Biking Update

Road Marker 380 – 8.4 miles

I think 8.4. I can’ t see any of the markers on google maps and I didn’t study the area well enough to pick it up on the map. I think there are about two tenths of a mile between each marker so 3 more markers would add about 1.2 miles to the trip.

I felt pretty good going out on the levee which is why I added a little distance but I once again, that wind really beat me up on the way back. I stayed in 6th gear the whole way back but I was moving a tad slow.

I do see some continued improvement with the bike. My legs were a tad sore when I started out yesterday, especially my hamstrings.

My neck is killing me right at the top of my back. I may need to look up better biking posture on the net.

Saturday I may try to really kick the distance up a notch.

Tip Of The Day

Due to my overwhelming grumpiness and the fact I am not home today, the tip of the day will not be part of our regularly scheduled programing.

Happy Dieting and have a great weekend, see you tomorrow.


The Grumpy Man


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  1. Sorry to hear you’re plateauing! But you’re right, it could be worse and be a fat instead of muscle gain. Keep on truckin. 🙂

  2. I feel your pain – I seem to be stuck again. It is frustrating but hopefully the scale will move again soon. Would be a lot easier for me if the weather would cooperate. We hae been having rain/snow showers the past few days. I am so ready for Spring to arrive.

    • At this point I would almost be happy with being stuck. I just wish the darn scale would stop creeping UP! I’m almost back over 200. 😦

      If you hear something shattering, that is my scale being dropped from my 3rd story balcony. 😀

    • I on the other hand would love to keep having cool fronts. Nothing cold down here, but I am not looking forward to 99 degree days with high humidity.

      Have a great weekend.

  3. Maybe go for a walk instead, to switch things up and work different muscles. And boy, that’s not many calories. Maybe your body has gone into starvation mode.

    Stay strong, stay the course.

    • Calorie wise that wasn’t normal for me, but I’ve been around 1200 for most of the last year. So I am not sure a few hundred on one day would make a big deal. I just think it is probably leg muscles that haven’t been used for 20 years coming back to life and growing.

      I will stay the course. Have a great weekend.

  4. I think you are building muscle (I know it is frustrating, but just think, you will be thin AND in shape). With all of the biking are you taking in enough calories? Drinking plenty of water? I am frowning for you! 😦

    • I definitely drink plenty of water. Although I might up it a little bit. Calorie wise, I actually am adding a few more calories here and there. Yesterday was just a bit of an abnormality.

      Have a great weekend.

  5. I am glad to see you have the good mix of emotions about this. Grumpy and frustrated about the gain and yet determined to not let it win. I know that this is the point in every past diet where I have given in. Stay Strong!

    • This is also one of the moments I have quit in the past when I was working out at the gym too much and I started gaining weight to the point I would quit. Not this time. 😀

      Have a great weekend.

  6. Use this site ( to track your miles. I use it obsessively to see how far I’ve walked each day during lunch. you can easily click out your route and it tells you how many miles you went. viola!

    As for your weight gain, I feel for you, but try to keep it in perspective. You are doing what needs doing and it will turn back around. You told me yourself the other day about the muscle/fat ratio…

    just imagine giant, bulging thigh muscles rather than a growing belly and repeat the phrase “we’re gonna pump (clap) you up!”

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