Slow Tuesday


I don’t know what the deal is.  The weight loss has really slowed to a snail’s pace. This is driving me bonkers! 😦

Yesterday’ s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Chicken and onions

Lunch – Tuna fish with avocados

Dinner – Hamburger patty with mushrooms, peppers, cheese and spinach

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1200

My calories have been fine for over a week yet the stupid scale today is still higher than it was 3 weeks ago. This is the biggest ugliest nastiest meanest period of almost no weight loss since I started this diet over a year ago. 😦

I know I am putting some muscle on with the bike riding but where is the faster calorie burn I am supposed to be getting with that extra muscle.   All I know is I am getting fed up with being higher than my lowest weight. This needs to change and change soon. Not sure how I can kick my metabolism in the rear end.

My metabolism definitely needs a swift kick.  I’ll be thinking about how to do that over the next few days. Maybe longer rides. Maybe fewer calories for a few days. I just know I want the dang weight to move back below my low point.

Biking Update

Wow. I’ve complained about the wind since I started riding my bike but yesterday was the first day that the trees were bending and swaying like crazy. I took one step out of my apartment and knew the levee wasn’t going to happen. Gusts up to 30. No thanks.

I also decided that I didn’t need to be too far from home with my dad in the hospital (back home now) so I just decided to have a short ride around the apartment complex for about 35 minutes.

The heavy wind was also blowing pollen all over the place and I had a bit of a coughing fit about 20 minutes into the ride. 😦

Looks like it is windy again today. I might have to head back to the streets for my ride to block some of the wind.

Tip Of The Day

I still have people telling me that I am doing my diet wrong. Over a year of staying on my diet and 127 pounds down, yet some people still tell me low carb won’t work.

When I tell them it did work, they say it won’t work long-term.

When I tell them I have been on the diet over a year, they crinkle their face and tell me it is unhealthy.

When I tell them that studies show people on low carb diets lose more weight, have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and better blood sugar than people on low-fat diets they then tell me I just don’t understand what I am talking about.

You need to develop thick skin on your diet. You need to deflect the hate from the knuckleheads but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to any advice.

For people who need to lose a LARGE amount of weight, the most important factor is finding a diet you can live with. Plain simple truth. I was able to live with Atkins, someone else might enjoy a low-fat diet more than a low carb diet.  The key is to stay on the diet long-term, so you need to find what works best for you and stick to it.  And shrug off the haters.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man



P.S. Can someone explain to me why animated gifs work in the edit post window but on the main page they don’t work half the time?

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  1. Seeming your calories have been so low, I suggest you should try a calorie increase for just a day… something different than what you have every day. This has worked for me in the past several times… you need to surprise your body every once in awhile to finally see weight loss.

    I remember when I’d been 100% on plan for 5 weeks straight leading up to a wedding I was to attend. I didn’t cheat on anything and got plenty of exercise and for over the last week before the wedding I had no weight loss and just maintained. I was totally stressed and it felt undeserved. At the wedding I just decided to relax and go ahead and enjoy the preplanned menu which included filet mignon, buttery mashed potatoes and veggies and of course a piece of wedding cake. I got home and weighed myself the next day and was shocked to see I was down 5 lbs! Eating more/different than usual can have it’s pleasant side effects!

    • Actually, I’ve had a few cheats over the last 3 weeks, so I don’t think it is a metabolic slowdown. I just think my legs are adding some muscle and that is keeping the scale up a bit. I know that is good but the scale still bugs me.


  2. Absolutely agree with your tip. To me it seems like you are losing weight! I bet you put on muscle, your body adjusted and now you are losing weight again. Wasn’t it like a week or two ago where you were at 199 or so? Now you are at 196, keep your head up, you will surpass your lowest weight soon 😀

  3. The only thing I know that works is: keep going!

    All the best.

  4. I agree with the previous commenters! I’ve heard that sometimes you need a day of higher calorie to trick your metabolism… And also since you’re so active it could be muscle weight thats troubling your weigh ins! But it’s all worth it. Muscle will help you burn more of those calories. Even if your weight loss is slow, your body may still show the slimming changes, maybe take some measurements? Anyhow, keep on going! You will get there~!

    • I know it is probably muscle. I’ve preached this many times to people that were discouraged, but it still is a tad frustrating to look at that darn scale 3 weeks later and be heavier. Even though I know I am healthier today than 3 weeks ago.

      It will start to work down again soon. it better. 😛

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