Wonderful Wednesday

I love Wednesday! 😀

Why? Because it is my day off from my bike ride, silly.

Biking Update

I didn’t think I would have much gas in the tanks yesterday after my 14 mile ride on Sunday. Especially considering the wind was howling as usual.

I say as usual but because today is my day off, of course the wind in only blowing at about 4 miles per hour right now as opposed to the 15 to 20 it has been blowing at for the last week. 😛

Oh, I was able to fix the front brakes so now I am once again safely operating my bike and I think I have it figured out how to fix them quicker in the future.

My plan has been to get up to 10 miles a day and then once a week do a longer distance ride so for once I stuck with my plan and just went 10 miles. I was right about the gas tanks being empty. That 10 miles was tough.

Road Marker 410 – 10 miles

Weight Statistics


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Red beans and sausage

Lunch – Hamburger, slice of cheese and spinach salad

Dinner – Tuna fish with avocados

Snack – Red beans

Calories – 1350

I ate dinner a little too early yesterday which then led to me eating an extra portion of beans later in the evening so my calories were a little higher than normal.

Tip Of The Day

Seek help

If you are doing everything possible to lose weight and it is not coming off at all then you need to take a good look at what might be going on.

If you know for a fact that you are taking in fewer calories per day than needed and still not losing weight then their may be a medical condition preventing you from losing weight so make sure you see your doctor and explain the situation.

But first make sure you really are taking in a deficit of calories each day. This means reading all the labels and measuring food intake so you have an accurate calorie count. Over on the right side I have a link you can follow to determine your daily calorie count to lose weight each week.

I think in most cases people are taking in more calories than they thought and more sodium than the need so the weight stalls on them or never comes off.

But, in some cases there can be medical reasons for the lack of weight loss so if you have been eating 1500 calories or less for a month with no loss, then it is time to head to the doctor to ask their opinion.

If you have been losing weight and you get stalled then you just need to battle through that plateau.  You will be hitting those often as your body adjusts to your caloric intake. You can bust those by adding a few calories for a few days and increasing you exercise. Even then, the plateaus can be hard to break through. I’ve had plenty of them over the past year. You just need to remain positive and power through them.

Venting rage and frustration is actually helpful so make sure you have a blog or weight loss forum to vent in.

Releasing that anger and frustration is very helpful and the support you get from people on a  GOOD weight loss forum can keep you plugging away even in the worst moments of your diet.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.



The Grumpy Man

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  1. Nice advice at the end, especially for low carb eaters. It’s easy to eat too much of the “good things” we are allowed to have, thus stall weight loss.

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