Biking Update

I was really hoping for rain yesterday to get out of my bike ride.  New Orleans is letting me down. We haven’t had any rain since I started riding the bike.  The only day I can remember it raining in the last month was a Wednesday which was already my day off.  😛

I waited for rain but it didn’t come even though the skies looked ominous so after while I decided I needed to head up to the levee for a ride.

I got to the halfway mark and by that point the skies really did look ugly.  I was thinking about going a little longer but my brain decided it didn’t want to get wet or electrocuted even though my heart wanted to do 12 miles instead of 10.  The brain won out and I turned around and the skies looked even uglier back to my apartment.

It sprinkled a little bit on the way back but just a few drops and in the end it didn’t even rain. So I wouldn’t have had a nice excuse to relay to you had I bailed out on my ride.

Road Marker 430 – 10.4 miles

Weight Statistics


The good news is that I am FINALLY back to my low weight. The bad news is that I was last at this weight almost 4 weeks ago.  Wow! I am surprised I haven’t been a heck of a lot grumpier over that. I should have been in meltdown mode.

Until I break 190, I am in full hermit mode. No cheats or dinners out with friends or family.  I do have a crawfish boil in 9 days. So hopefully I can get close to my number before the crawfish boil.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Red beans and sausage

Lunch – Tuna with avocados

Dinner – Hamburger, cheese slice and spinach salad

Snack – Beans

Calories -1350

You did it again! I was all ready to head to Taco Bell last night. I was starving. I was already in my car running errands and I was near a Taco Bell. I’m not sure I have had a full-blown cheat since I started this blog, so I was all prepared to smash my diet up on the doorstep of Taco Bell.

But….once again, I though about having to come here and type up the evil things I would have eaten along with the weight gain from the cheat and that was enough to keep me moving along by the Taco Bell. So once again, you guys kept me on the straight and narrow path. 😀

Tip Of The Day

Patience and a calm head are important during a long-term diet. As you can see from above. I have been stuck in a weight range for almost a month even though I am doing everything right.  It happens. You just need to remain calm and patient and keep plugging away. Eventually your metabolism will catch up and start burning fat again….(I hope) 😛

I mention this for the 100th time because I was pretty close last night to making a run for the border and hitting Taco Bell hard due to the recent frustration with the scale.  That would have accomplished nothing. A few moments of pleasure followed by hours of guilt followed by an increase on the scale.

Here I sit today, happy I didn’t give in and happy to finally be back to my low weight. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be at a new low.

Don’t Panic and don’t give in to frustration!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

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