Technical Difficulties Tuesday

Er……Houston, we have  a problem.

Error, error, error…… we seem to be experiencing technical difficulties at the moment.

My nice big HD monitor has decided that it is time to move on to the next level of existence. It also decided to learn a new skill as a paperweight.

Doh! Why couldn’t the cheap faded out terrible old giant ugly dell monitor break? It had to be the nice fancy crystal clear screen that broke.

Anyone out there need a hard-working MBA? This being out of work thing isn’t working . I can’t live without my dual monitor setup. 😦

Just change that picture from food to computer monitor.

Of course the three-year warranty on the monitor expired a few months ago. I think they make electronics to break after the warranty expires. Not sure how, but I believe there is a chip in every electronic device I have ever owned that causes a short in the device once 3 years has passed. 😀

Weight Statistics


At least on the bright side of things, I had another nice loss. I was actually expecting a little bit of an increase today because of the big drop yesterday.

Maybe those leg muscles are finally starting to get to work burning calories.

I have pulled about 3 pounds in front of Cad in the race to 185.  I need to behave but I do have the big crawfish boil on Saturday. Hopefully he will have some big Easter plans this weekend too and we will both be having cheats this weekend.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Red beans and sausage

Lunch – Hamburger patty, cheese slice and spinach salad

Dinner – Tuna and avocados

Snack – String cheese , red beans

Calories – 1450

I was a little high on the calories but I was feeling really run down yesterday. I had the energy of a three-toed sloth.

I think the label that poor sloths are lazy is unfair. You don’t see me climbing trees all day. And you won’t. I have a fear of heights and get dizzy. 😛

Biking Update

Super  low energy day. I just couldn’t force myself to head out to the levee. The wind was literally as strong as any day since I have been riding. Trees were swaying back and forth and yes I even saw some of this happening on the levee.

So I was all prepared to toss in the towel on the bike ride. I was half asleep on the couch at 6pm feeling guilty when I decided to get out there. I lost some good weight from Sunday to Monday and I didn’t want it creeping back on so I decided to take a short ride. My plan was to just take a nice 6 mile ride, but as usual I paid no attention to my plan and went ahead and did the whole 10 miles.

Easily the hardest ride to date.

Road Marker 410 – 10 miles

Tip Of The Day

No tip today. I need to figure out the finances and see what I can do about the whole monitor situation. I need to get this mess straightened out.

I guess I could remind you not too stress eat. Normally, I would probably be headed to taco bell or Popeye’s to stress eat over my situation and the monitor but not anymore. A big bag of Doritos won’t solve my job woes or somehow fix my monitor. It would only give me a short burst of  pleasure followed by guilt and weight gain and I would still have a broken HD monitor.

Make sure you are hungry when you are eating and that you are not just reacting to stress and anxiety.

Got a tip after all.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man, extra grumpy today

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