Late Post Thursday

I’m late, I’m late.  I am dragging today. The bike ride is going to be really tough unless I get some magical energy boost. Sure wish I could hit up some coffee but can’t do that for a few more days.

My mom invited me over for dinner last night and she said crab cakes were on the menu. I was a little leery but after looking them up, they really aren’t that high in calories or carbs unless there is tons of breading which hers tend to have very few bread crumbs. One crab cake and a little Caesar salad shouldn’t cause too much damage. Plus I told her, I would blame her if the weight went up.

Drum roll please……..

Weight Statistics


A tiny loss even with the crab cake. Woot! No blame for mom today in the blog. I am sure she will be happy to know that she didn’t derail the weight loss train.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Red beans and sausage

Lunch – Hamburger, slice of cheese, spinach salad

Dinner – Crab cake with Caesar salad

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1550

Not real positive of the crab cake calories. I looked up about 4 different nutritional information sites and most of the crab cakes weren’t high in calories so I can’t be too far off.

My guest tip yesterday from my step-dad prompted him to ask how many people who stop by my site use Weight Watchers. I have no idea so PLEASE click on the poll.

Biking Update

No ride yesterday. It is my day off from the bike. It was a wonderful day of relaxation with no worries about the stupid wind on the levee. My knees needed the day off.

Tip Of The Day

Don’t over do it! I mention this again because lately I have been getting into a few internet brawls over the exercise issue.

Yes, it is better to do some exercise than none. BUT, I would bet that most of us have quit diets in the past because we went too darn hard with the exercise and burned out within a month or two.

Every person is different but I believe with my whole heart that the reason this diet worked for me is that I didn’t do too much too soon. I started in mid March 2010 and I didn’t even try to do exercise until late September. Almost 6 months into my diet, before I started walking.

Some people may be able to handle both, but I think most of us tend to go overboard in either direction, not enough or way too much.

I will advocate until I am blue in the face,  losing a big chunk of weight and getting some serious momentum before doing exercise.

I have also been met with concerns that I am overdoing it with the bike. And….. I agree. 😀

But, I am nearing my goal weight. I don’t have to be as cautious about burnout as someone who is just starting out. Heck, I’ve dropped 130 pounds. Not much more momentum is possible. I have 130 pounds of momentum to keep me rolling through that horrific mean nasty smelly wind.  Really smelly, the river has had a horrible odor the last 10 days.

If you need to be on a LONG term diet, please take the exercise slow. Do not over do it and burn out on the diet before you get the results you need.

I am sure every doctor on the planet would be against this tip but which person is better off?

1. Lose 130 pounds and then get into shape .

2. Lose 20 pounds, get into better shape but burnout and gain 30 pounds.

#2 is probably what happens to 95% or more of all dieters. Not me. I am #1 and that is because I took things slow.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

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  1. I totally agree with your tip, as I did #2 once (that sounds kind of weird). I only ate 1200 calories, worked out an hour everyday and actually just snapped one day. I ordered a 16″ pizza, at the entire thing, and never looked back. I lost 75 pounds on my diet (going from 325 to 250), only to gain 95 back. It was years before I could see a banana again (my breakfast everyday for 8 months). When I finally decided to not diet, but this time shoot for a lifestyle change, with 2000 calories and about an hour workout, I lost all the weight, now weigh 169, and I love what I’m doing; no burn out. I’m going to forward your post to a friend that I think is going to have exercise burnout soon. She won’t listen to me but maybe she’ll heed your warnings.

    • Thanks. Each person is of course different but I know for a fact after 25 years of dieting that I would hit the gym too hard and that eventually would lead to my diet dying.

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