Mega Delay Friday

Sorry folks for the late late late late post.

Straight to the good news.

Weight Statistics


Another drop. I might even dip a little more tomorrow, then BACK UP UP UP UP and away after the crawfish boil on Saturday. For those not familiar with this type of party, a crawfish boil is tons of fun with tons of food.

This picture is from a pretty normal boil. Usually most people have crawfish, potatoes and corn. The corn and potatoes soak up the spices used in the boil, and there are plenty of hot spices. Sometimes people will also put sausage, garlic cloves(yum), mushrooms(more yum) and even artichokes. Pretty much any veg that doesn’t require a long time to cook will taste great in crawfish boil.

Calories. Not many in the meat but they are going to be insanely high in sodium. I stay away from the potatoes because I am there to eat crawfish. I do have a tough time resisting 1 piece of corn and I can’t resist garlic, sausage or mushrooms if they are included in the boil.

Happy Birthday Claire. The crawfish boil is being thrown for her birthday. I’m definitely attaching the feed bag tomorrow so I am not looking forward to the scale on Sunday. I can already hear it cackling like a lunatic in the bathroom. 😛

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Tuna fish

Dinner – Salad

Snack – String cheese. Wasabi peas

Calories – 875

Don’t send the diet police after me. I know 875 is not a good number to eat. I was out of everything and I couldn’t get to the store. I was stuck home all day because I was waiting for the new computer monitor to arrive and tracking said it was on the truck.

Recently, every darn package I get it just left up against my door, so I did not want to leave my apartment and have them leave it up against my door only to have it stolen 4 seconds later.

So I sat home all day just waiting and sat home into the early evening waiting. The delivery guy finally showed up with the monitor around 7pm, but by the time I was done hooking it up,  it was too late to eat and I did not want to go to the store.

But this also meant that……….

Biking Update

I was unable to ride because I was stuck waiting for the delivery guy. I was totally devastated that I couldn’t get out to the levee yesterday. And if you believe that I have some very nice swampland errr…… beach-front property to sell you. 😛

I need to hit it good today since Saturday is my day off. I will hold firm on Saturday and Wednesday being my days off even if I miss other days to rain or life.

Tip Of The Day

A family member of mine that is starting her own weight loss journey needs a few tips on how to start out.

1. Check with your doctor to make sure you have no issues that would be hurt by your diet. Probably 99.9999999% of the time the doctor would have told you to lose weight, but better safe than sorry.

2.Remove all tempting food.  Yes, even if you have a family and kids you can remove most of the food that is bad for you. When the kids deserves a nice treat, they can be taken out for that treat. Having too much junk around will make it infinitely harder to lose weight. It can be done, but it is even more difficult. Kudos to all of you that lose weight even though you have temptations all around you. I couldn’t have done it that way.

3. Study several diets and pick one that you think you can stick too. You can change this if at some point you no longer like what you are doing.

4.Meal Plan. Sit at the old computer and come up with several meals that you can eat for breakfast lunch and dinner and come up with the portion sizes, calories and other nutritional info you want to track. I mainly track calories and sodium.

4. Measure everything when you cook it. Make sure you have all the spoons and cups to measure things. Some people use a scale too, but I don’t go quite that far.

5. Log every single thing you eat even if it is just a few nuts here and there. Those nuts here and there can add up. You need to know how many calories per day you are eating.

6.Determine your daily intake to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week using this web page.

7. Weigh yourself. I do it daily. There are pros and cons to daily weighing just like there are pros and cons to weekly weigh-ins. I chose daily. Choose whichever you think will cause you the least stress and the most motivation.

8. Log your weights along with the calories and exercise you do.

9. When going out to lunch or dinner, plan ahead and pick a place that has a menu with nutritional info online. DO NOT open the menu at the restaurant. Order the meal, you chose while browsing online.

10.Do not over do the exercise. Yes it makes you healthier but in reality, it burns very few calories unless you are doing an insane workout. Do not burn yourself out. Take exercise VERY SLOW.

11. Find a place to vent rage and frustration. I use this blog and a football forum that has a food board. When I am frustrated, I vent. Which is pretty much a daily thing. 😀

12. Stay Positive! You really can achieve your goal if you stick to it.

Happy Dieting, have a great weekend, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

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  1. Grumpy Man,
    When do you weigh yourself? I know this sounds picky but I sometimes do it in the morning (sans clothing for an accurate reading…) before eating anything or at the end of the day after I have eaten dinner and showered. I usually choose to weight myself at a time when I think the gravity of the Earth is at its weakest. Don’t you think a person ought to be consistent with the time? Just curious.

    • Yup! I always do a morning weigh-in sans clothing. Since you work for the CIA you probably have technology that allows you to find the lowest gravity in your domicile. 😀

      There are some people that weigh more than one time a day. I don’t recommend this. Once in the morning is enough. I always think the morning is going to be the low point, so might as well weigh then.

      I do have a friend that weighs in the morning and then again after his super long bike rides to see how much water he lost. His weight can fluctuate down about 4 to 5 pounds after a ride then right back up once he hydrates.

      Have a happy Easter with the family!!!

      • Good idea Grumpy Man! I will use our Past-Participial Phase Discriminator at work to find any local fluctuations in the natural Earth gravity gradiant. Since hitting 37 I have felt like my body chemistry has hit a brick wall. I never had to watch what I ate before so I love reading your blog and getting the tips. You would feel good to know you weigh less than me now. I weighed in this morning at 195.5 lbs which is a low for me. I have used the calorie counter linked to your blog and it has really opened my eyes to the junk I am putting in my body. Just a little self awareness can go a long way to getting healthy again. Have a good time with the crawfish boil, wouldn’t know myself since I am allergic to seafood but love the spices when people cook a small pot separately without the crawfish. Have a good Easter too!
        P.S. It is the Navy I work for, but CIA sounds good too.

      • You forget I saw you talking to that CIA rep at that job fair. The Navy is your cover. 😛

  2. Hey, really great blog post… I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog because of the great style and energy you put into each post. I actually run, a blog of my personal research and experiences. If you’re interested, I would love to have you on as a guest blogger. Please send me an e-mail: bob.mauer65(at)gmail(dot)com, and I can give you more information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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