Super Late Saturday Post

I can’t seem to get my posts out early the last few days.

Aquarium Update

Evidently my beta, Blutto, has learned that he can kill and eat the ghost shrimp I have in the tank with him. I didn’t actually see him make the kill but all of the shrimp were hiding in the little caves and Blutto was chowing down on a shrimp. Bad Blutto, bad!

Betas don’t like company but I have had a beta in the past that was able to live in peace with ghost shrimp.  Seems Blutto doesn’t have quite the same laid back temperament of my last betta.

I know remember why I gave up aquariums. It is a pain in the butt keeping those things nice and clean with clean water for the occupants. 😛

Weight Statistics


The scale is already moving back up and I haven’t even hit the crawfish boil yet. That stupid scale!  It has been a good while since my last cheat so I am looking forward to crawfish boil. Just about 2 hours until it starts.

Yum! Can’t wait to get my hands on those crawdads!

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Tunafish with spinach

Dinner – Hamburger patty with cheese slice and salad.

Snack – Red beans

Calories – 1450

I didn’t make it to the store until lunch time, so there was nothing to eat for breakfast.  I decided to keep with the beans for one more meal plan. Just looking at chicken made me sad, so I didn’t want to go back to chicken yet. So, 10 more days of beans and sausage and then I will head back into Atkins.

Biking Update

Surprisingly easy ride yesterday. Might have something to do with taking 2 days off in a row and giving my legs time to build up some energy. The wind was a pain as usual, but not quite as bad as the last 10 days.

Road Marker 420 – 10.4 miles

Tip Of The Day

Eat what you need to eat, not until you are completely stuffed!

Don’t eat until you feel like poor Violet here. Eat the predefined portion that you have set and move on. I am definitely going to have trouble today practicing what I preach. I will try to eat a reasonable amount but I do tend to go into cookie monster mode when at a crawfish boil.

One way to accomplish this rule is to eat slowly. It takes time for your brain to send out the “ALL FULL” signal. So if you are eating real fast, your brain can’t catch up and let you know you are done. So eat slowly and even stop before you feel full.

Easier said than done, I know.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

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