Short Post Wednesday

No bells and whistles today. I am feeling much better but still a little run down. On the bright side, the cheat weight continues to come down.

Weight Statistics


Nice to see that weight drop off much faster than the last time I cheated. It probably was mostly water weight from the massive influx of sodium.

I was hoping I would be back to my low by the end of the week and I should get there or be very close.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Red beans and sausage

Lunch – Hamburger patty with cheese slice and salad

Dinner – Tuna with avocados and salad

Snack – Red beans

Calories – 1400

I’ve been sticking to close to 1400 calories lately.  I checked a few calorie burn calculators to see how many calories the bike burns and it was anywhere from 400 to 700 so I decided I needed to add a little more food into my system.

Biking Update

None due to illness. Not sure about today. I am still a little tired and run down. I might take the day off or I might not. I’ve got about 8 hours to make that decision. Chances are  I will take another day off to make sure I am 100% before getting back out there but guilt that I am sitting around doing nothing starts nagging away at me.  So I guess we will see tomorrow whether nagging guilt won out over common sense.

Tips Of The Day

Don’t push too hard. I bring this up since I need to hammer this one in my head today.

I should take another day off  but part of my brain is nagging me about sitting around when I should be working out and getting exercise.  There are times we need to listen to that nagging voice when we are actually being lazy and there are times we need to block that nagging voice when we are sick.

We didn’t gain the weight overnight so we won’t lose the weight overnight. Slow and  steady wins the race, so if you need to take a day off from exercise or if you feel run down and need a few extra calories one day, then don’t hesitate to take a break or eat a little more.

Just don’t make a habit of it.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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