Lazy Saturday

If I had pajamas, I would have kept them on all day. This was one of those days I just wanted to laze about.  I did need to muster the energy to run out in the afternoon but once again, if I had pajamas, I might have tossed a robe on and headed out like this guy.

Weight Statistcis


I feel pretty good about this week. The weight gain from last weekend is gone plus some. Tomorrow I could be in the 80s for the first time since 8th or 9th grade. 😀

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Read beans and sausage

Lunch – Hamburger patty with cheese slice and salad

Dinner – Tuna and avocado

Snack – Red beans

Calories – 1400

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I was thinking of heading back to low carb and Atkns, but I have been losing weight lately so my body at this point likes what I am doing. One more meal plan with the beans.

Bike Riding

I procrastinated too long yesterday. By the time I headed out it was already getting dark so I did not get my full ride in. Only made about 6.4 miles but at least I got out there. Today is my normal day off so no riding on Saturdays.

Tip Of The Day

What? I told you I was being lazy today. There is no tip.

Oh okay, a  short no thrills tip.

Find distractions. From time to time you may be hungry so you need to find things to do to distract you. In most cases that hunger will go away if you can just make it through a few minutes. I use Netflix or Hulu to watch a good show or movie. Some people exercise but that seems like a double whammy to me. I’ve tried reading but that doesn’t work for me.

The best things for me tend to be surfing the net, playing games on the net or watching a movie on the net.  I may start out hungry but within a few minutes, my brain forgets that and I am having a good time.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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