Early Morning Wednesday

I am going to test out waking up real early to get my ride in. The wind usually picks up as the day progresses, so I am going to test out a dawn ride. Plus once out-of-the-way I won’t stress out all day over it.

Weight Statistics


I know I hit 189.5 yesterday but that number still boggles my mind. Ancient history since I last weighed  in the 180s. I bought a large shirt yesterday. First one since probably freshman year or sophomore year in high school and it isn’t snug. I probably could wear a medium!!! WTH! 😀

I list 185 as my goal, but that was my goal when the whole thing seemed impossible. Plus my original plan was to stop the diet at the one year mark, but I am a week away from 14 months.  Once I reach that first goal, then the next one will be put in place. I want to get to 173.  At 173, I will have lost 150 pounds. That is my final goal, then maintenance.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Hamburger and beans

Lunch – None

Dinner – Tuna with salad

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1000

Grocery store day, so I was out of everything, so I did not eat my normal calorie load.

Biking Update

I was busy most of the day. I knew I was going to be busy with errands and a couple of meetings so I decided early on to swap my Wednesday day off with Tuesday. So no bike riding on Tuesday.

Here are a few pics from my ride on Monday.

Good old industrial complex that I am sure puts no pollutants in the nice river right next to it.

This picture is magic. There is a giant electrical tower over across the river but the wonderful low quality camera just deletes it. Nice!

Almost could have used rain as an excuse but once again, the sky was ugly but no real rain so I swapped days off. Since I started riding my bike almost 2 months ago, it has not rained one time during the day.  Crazy! I will hit the levee hard today, 0% chance of rain. 😦

Tip Of The Day

Enjoy your success.

Sometimes I tend to be a bit of a grump and a touch negative.  No, really, I do. 😛

I need to learn to pat myself on the back for a job well done more often.

Anyway, make sure you enjoy your success.  And if you aren’t there yet, keep plugging away. You can do it.

One way to make sure you are successful is to set realistic goals. Set several. Heck my first goal was under 300, then 250, then 220, then 200 then 185.  Don’t just start out with I need to lose 100 pounds. Well actually my very first goal was 100 pounds but I did set milestones to meet which were mini-goals I could celebrate as I passed them. 😛

Set realistic goals and when they are met you can celebrate. Just not with food. Celebrate with some new clothes just like I did yesterday. Just about everything I have is way too big. I have held off on buying too much because I still have about 20 pounds to drop. Heck, I bought a pair of jeans around Thanksgiving and only wore them a few times before they were too big. I got smart at that point and the next pair was tight so they would last longer.

Just remember to enjoy your success and the best way to make sure you have success is to set realistic goals.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

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