Phantom Friday!!!

Phantom weight gain alert. Stupid scale decided to ruin my Friday with a spike up for no apparent reason. 😦

For all you youngsters that don’t know that picture, that is the late great Lon Chaney from Phantom of the Opera.

Weight Statistics


Grrr! Nothing ticks me off more than these phantom spikes back up for no apparent reason. Could be I was a little dehydrated so my body held on to more water. Could be all sorts of things but all I know is I get a touch Grumpy when the scale moves up for no reason.

Good thing I am in this race to 185 with someone from another forum and even better that both of us have had such a tough time lately losing weight. Without my weight loss buddy I would be the Cantankerous Angry Violent Grumpy Guy because these last 20 pounds are taking FOREVER to leave.  Get ye hence vile flab!!!

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Sausage and red beans

Lunch – Salad with cheese and hamburger

Dinner – Avocados with tuna fish

Snack – Beans of the red variety

Calories – 1250

See that? I mixed my menu plan all up yesterday. 😀

I did have dinner real late last night so that may be what caused the phantom weight gain. Also another potential reason is that I did …….

Biking Update

I did not ride my bike yesterday. Just blew it off.  I was all ready to ride. In fact, I was on the phone with my mom and told her I was about to head out on my ride, but after hanging up my phone, the lazy side of my brain convinced the rest of my brain that watching a nice episode of House

 would be much better for me than riding my bike. So no bike ride yesterday 😦

The sad thing is that I don’t think there was much wind yesterday. It would have been a good day to ride. Oh well, I wil be back out there today and from the weather station near me, the wind is only 5-10 so shouldn’t be too bad today.

Tip Of The Day

As I mentioned above, I have a weight loss pal on another forum. Actually have several of them on a weight loss thread we started back in September 2010, but one guy in particular challenged me to a race to 185 since we were about the same weight at the time the gauntlet was tossed at my feet.

That competition has actually kept me in line on several occasions just like this blog helps keep me in line. BUT…. that competition really helps.

I know lots of offices have Biggest Loser competitions all the time now. If you haven’t joined in the past, join next time. It will help motivate you more than just doing it on your own time.

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. Find a weight loss forum, join up and post daily. You can get lots of help from those forums. You do need to make sure it is relatively active. The site I go to isn’t even a weight loss site, it is a sports site that just happened to start a weight loss thread but I visit the site many times every day.

Find a forum, find a weight loss buddy and find a little competition if you can. These can all motivate you and keep you from stumbling on difficult days.  They have certainly helped me out.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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