New Goal Monday

Boom! Done with that old goal of 185 and time to move on to the next goal of 173.  I’ve had some people tell me that I need to stop because I have lost all I need to lose. Well they haven’t seen me in the mirror in the morning. 😛

I’ve still got plenty left to lose.  I’m 6 feet tall so the healthy weight range for me is about 140 to 184.  I’m shooting for 173 but once I get there I will re-evaluate. Good chance 170 will be my final destination. Maybe 169 just so I can break the 60 barrier, but 170 is probably where I will want to maintain my weight.

Weight Statistics


I swear that sometimes when I look down at the scale I think I am hallucinating. Just doesn’t seem possible. 😀

I added a new belt hole to my old belt so I am now just about 18 inches lost on the belt.  The final weight battle is being fought at my stomach. Those pesky pounds are all making their final defense line on my old beer belly.  Hopefully their defenses will fall apart soon and they will disappear.

Biking Update

I use an online wind gauge to give me an idea of the wind conditions before heading out. Well, that wind gauge is a big stinking liar.  It indicated 5-7 mph winds. 5-7 mph winds barely move the trees at all but the trees outside where swaying all over the place. 😦

More river watchers were up there again. Not sure why, the river never really got that high and now that they opened both spillways the water is going down.

My legs were totally shot from my 20 mile ride on Saturday. I looked up the calorie burn for a 20 mile ride and was shocked to see it was about 1000 calories. Eek! No wonder I was a tad weak on Sunday.

As I mentioned before, the day after a long ride will always be a short ride. The first 3.2 miles were easy with the wind at my back, but the last 3.2 miles were a serious pain in the butt. I actually passed one guy, he needs to see a doctor. 😛

Road Marker 330 – 6.4 Miles

It is supposed to be SUPER DUPER CRAZY windy today so I may skip my Monday ride and swap it with my day off on Wednesday. Tune in tomorrow to find out. 😛

Tip Of The Day


This seems obvious but people do it all the time. They go to the gym, work out for 30 minutes and then head to taco bell because they feel they had a great workout. What they don’t realize is they didn’t burn nearly the amount of calories they think they burned and then they run off and gorge themselves on 1500 calories of taco bell.

NO! Never use food as a reward. Never. This does not mean you can’t cheat now and then. I am a proponent of cheats, but not rewards for reaching goals or hard work outs. We need to get away from the mindset that food is a rewards and food is a source of comfort. That is what got us here in the first place.

Never run 3 miles and then head to McDonald’s as a reward. You will eat far more than you burned.

Reward yourself with new clothes or anything but food.  Rewarding yourself with food is taking one step forward and 4 miles backwards.

I give you this tip because my brain is trying to convince me that I deserve a reward for reaching 185 and my brain seems to think I should head here.

Not going to happen. I would like to hit the Chinese buffet because it has been just about 1 year since I last hit one but nope, not going to cave in.  Not sure, but the sodium content at a Chinese buffet might kill me. I would probably put on 5 pounds of water weight just looking at that buffet.

No rewarding yourself for a job well done with food. Once again, this does not mean you can never cheat. That is a separate issue which I have discussed numerous times. Planned cheats are necessary to keep your sanity.  We just need to break the mental stranglehold food has over us so we need to stop using food as a reward or food for comfort.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

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