Saturday Evening Edition

Biking Update

No ride Wednesday because it is my “always” day off. No ride Thursday because I waited until the last-minute and it was raining. Uh oh, no ride Friday because I waited until the last-minute and I had stomach issues. So no ride in 3 days. Ouch.

One could chastise me and tell me not to wait until the last-minute, but given the hot weather, I only have two options. Early morning or early evening.  Early evening is going to win that battle, every single time.

Saturday is my other “always” day off but given the poor showing this week I felt I needed to get out there today. More on that tomorrow.

Weight Statistics


Nice dip there. In fact that is a new low surpassing 181.2.  I wasn’t expecting a dip because I had a late night snack around 11pm.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Tuna and avocados

Lunch – Hamburger patty and salad with cheese slice

Dinner – Chicken salad

Snack – Sting cheese and hamburger patty with cheese slice

I was starving around 11pm and before I knew what was happening my legs and walked me to the fridge and my hands had stuffed a burger in my mouth. 😛

Not sure what the scale holds for me tomorrow. I assume a gain because I went to lunch with my sister today at Phil’s Grill.

Ghost Shrimp Update


The sole survivor is still alive. He hides in the coral cave and only comes out to snag some food before running back into the cave. Anyone that had more than 24 hours is in the money on their Vegas bet.

Tip Of The Day

I’m doing it again. I’m eyeballing most measurements instead of taking the 15 second to find or clean the appropriate measuring cup or spoon. Don’t do that. Measuring is a key component of a successful diet. You need an exact or close approximation of the calories going into you body so it is important to break out the measuring spoons and cups. I used to do it all of the time but I keep getting lazy with this step. Don’t do that. I’ll get back to measuring tomorrow and no more guesstimating.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow,



The Grumpy Man


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