Hiding Away Tuesday

I haven’t been doing such a good job the last couple of days. Thought about hiding for a bit. 😛

Then I realized it helps you guys out more when you see I’m human too. 😀

The last couple of nights I have been famished at around 11pm. Not sure why but I have been really hungry lately.  I had 3 separate snacks last night which pushed me way over my normal calorie limit.

About the only good thing I can take from the last couple of nights is that I didn’t hit Taco Bell.

You guys continue to keep me from hitting Taco Bell. I wish I had been doing my blog for a longer period of time so you could see some of my biggest unplanned cheats to see that I have made numerous mistakes over the course of this diet. The key to my success has been shrugging those mistakes off and getting back to work.

Weight Statistics


Another bounce up but I expected that one. I ate too much yesterday and I ate a bunch really late and I used way too much sriracha so I also had too much sodium.

Aquarium Update

Perhaps my Haiku for Sole Survivor was a little too soon. I have spotted him in the coral cave but he looks a little beat up and I think he now refuses to come out of the cave.  

I’m thinking once again of getting a few more hiding spots and tossing a few more shrimp in there. 😛 Circle of life.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

I didn’t eat the canary but if it wasn’t nailed down, I probably tried to eat the whole apartment last night.

Breakfast – Hamburger patty, cheese slice

Lunch – Tuna with avocados and salad

Dinner – Chicken salad

Snack – Avocado, String cheese, Chicken thighs with salad

Calories – 1950

On top of the bad eating lately, I am also using too much Splenda. I have no idea if this is a good or bad thing, but I think I need to start limiting myself a bit. The package stated there are no carbs, but all the online info states that there is one carb per packet.  I’ve been going a bit overboard with that stuff because it really does have the taste and texture of real sugar, so from this day hence, 3 packets a day. 😀

Biking Update

Maybe If I had one of these I would get off the couch and up to the levee. 😀

I’ve been bad more often than good lately and that carried over to Memorial Day. I was able to easily convince myself that the holiday was a day of rest and relaxation so no ride on Monday.

I’ve been slacking far too much when it comes to the bike lately but I am not sure how to get my mojo back. 😛

I will be out there today. Heck, I need to get out there today because for the first time since I bought the bike, it looks like rain is in the forecast for the whole next week.

Tip Of The Day

Support your weight loss buddies.

We all need plenty of support so make sure you do what you can to help other people on the same little adventure.

I try to visit several current friends and their blogs each day along with making some new friends.  I do get a bit lazy from time to time but I know how important every little comment can be.

One comment can be the difference between someone tossing in the towel or keeping up the fight, so make sure you keep supporting your buddies in the blog world, the forum world and the real world.

Helping others is a great way to actually help yourself too. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



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