Day Off Wednesday

Biking Update

My weather page once again lied to me. Yesterday it had almost every single day for the next 5 with rain. Now everything is back to sunny except for a low chance Saturday and Sunday.

I once again forgot to purchase a water bottle so next time I hit Walmart it is imperative that I finally get that water bottle with the average temp about to by 92+ degrees.

I was able to force myself out for a ride yesterday but it took its toll on me. I was really beat yesterday and my legs were wobbly.

As much as I hate the southeast wind, whatever the heck it was doing yesterday was even worse. It wasn’t blowing real hard, but it seemed to be blowing on me for the entire ride.  The wind toyed with me. When I headed out, the wind was blowing in one direction, but when I headed home, it shifted on me. 😦

Road Marker 470 – 11.6 Miles

There is still the occasional cool breeze coming off the river, but once the river warms up it is going to be steaming up there on the levee. The river has started to come down a bit and  as the water recedes, the smell of the garbage left behind is going to be horrific. It is already starting to stink for part of the ride.

Weight Statistics


A nice little bounce down today. I was finally able to control my hunger last night so I kept it to my normal calorie level.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast –  Chicken salad

Lunch – Tuna with avocados and slaw

Dinner – Hamburger patty with cheese slice and salad

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1200

Today is my first day back on only 3 packets of splenda a day. Once again, I am only doing this because I want to make sure I am in Atkins induction (20 carbs or less). I do think the increase in splenda might have had something to do with my increase in hunger. Maybe, maybe not. If I wasn’t doing induction, I wouldn’t worry about it.

School lunches. I was just reading how Republicans are up in arms over recent Obama Admin changes to the school lunch policy. Now, I have stayed 100% away from politics other than blaming both sides for the oil/gasoline crisis, but I have to say “shame on you” to the conservatives on the school lunch issue.

They seem to be upset that once a week, kids must eat something other than a potato. 4 days a week they can serve french fries, but conservatives and the potato industry are upset that one day a week, kids can’t have french fries.

I went Jesuit High School and our menu left a lot to be desired on the health front. The hot meal was always terrible, but I recall getting the red beans and rice each week.  Guess what I had on the other days? A giant plate of french fries and nacho cheese. Sometimes a buger, fries and nacho cheese.  Not exactly health food.

Given the explosion of obesity, changes do need to be made to school lunch programs and fighting over the added expense is just plain stupid because the long term costs of obesity has to be exponentially higher than adding some vegetables to a lunch menu.

The conservatives also appear upset with the provision that restaurants must list nutritional information on their menu. I agree this may be a pain, but I would like all restaurants to have this. I am not for ANY forced reductions in sodium or fat, but I would like to see nutritional information either on a menu or on  a website for all restaurants. There should be some leeway given to their numbers. Maybe at least a close approximation of the nutritional information with a disclaimer that the numbers could be off from time to time.

I would like to be able to make an informed decision about my meal choice, but I don’t want the government telling restaurants what they can and can’t serve up.

So even though I am conservative on most issues (sorry my liberal friends), I think the Repubs need to shut it on the lunch and menu issue. Really? Crying over kids only being able to eat fries 4 times a week. The potato farmers of America must really hate Atkins and other low carb dieters. 😀 I wonder if I am on their list. 😀

Tip Of The Day


I like to talk about tips as they come up in my daily life and one issue that is important today is fiber. My friend Dave mentioned fiber to me in an email this morning which was coincidental because I am having some issues related to not enough fiber in my diet.

Anyone on a low carb diet has experienced the troubles caused by not enough fiber in their diet. As they say “It happens” or in this case it doesn’t. 😛

I’ve been taking psyllium husk supplements which work great but the last several days I have been too lazy to take them and I am now reaping the effects.  Unpleasant to talk about but quite common for people on low carb diets, especially for anyone in induction.

Find a supplement that you like, stick with it and don’t get lazy like me.

There you go Dave, you got an honorable mention for your email. Although the honorable mention is crossed out by they evil temptation of forcing that shrimp poboy down my gullet. 😀 I kid.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



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