Power Outage!

The above mentioned power outage was not to my electricity but to the system maintaining my willpower. 😛

I had plans to go out last night to dinner but my friend canceled on me. For a week, my brain had been planning on a nice Saturday night cheat. I thought about getting take-out somewhere, but decided against it.

I ate all of my normal meals a little too early. Breakfast at 7, lunch at 11 and dinner at 5. My snack by 6. By 9pm my brain was screaming for my cheat meal.  I relented and hit ……..

Uh oh! After a frenzy of eating I of course went from feeling full and satisfied to….

That didn’t last too long. Heck, I was supposed to have a cheat last night anyway. I just wasn’t supposed to eat half a taco bell store. 😀

Normally after a Taco Bell hit, I crave more Taco Bell. That is the nature of eating lots of carbs. Eating carbs causes you to crave more carbs.  Not this time. I ate too much with my smaller stomach and was miserable and I think I can easily hold out for another 4 to 5 months before my next visit. Maybe longer.

I had a MASSIVE amount of sodium yesterday.  I used more sriracha than normal to make my food taste better as a treat because my dinner was canceled. I also ate a little more cheese than normal. My sodium count was high before I went to taco bell and of course through the roof after.  My normal intake is about 1500 mgs a day.  Yesterday it was about 6500 mgs

That evil scale was cackling and snickering all morning waiting for me to survey the damage.

Weight Statistics


Ouch. 3 pound gain. That will take some time to knock off. I guess the 70s will continue to elude me for a while longer.It will take a few days for the sodium to clear out and release all the extra water I am holding on to.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger Patty with cheese slice

Lunch – Whole avocado salad

Dinner – 3 broiled chicken thighs with salad

Snack – Hamburger Patty and cheese slice.

Semi-unplanned cheat – Volcano nachos, Volcano taco, Double-decker taco

Calories – 3700  

If I had skipped dinner and just headed straight to Taco Bell, I probably would have been better off. My daily meals were all bulked up to make up for the canceled dinner so I was hit with a double whammy of calories.

Only good thing I learned yesterday was that the broiled chicken was MUCH tastier than the crock p0t chicken.

Biking Update

None. On top of the bad eating day, I had a zero riding day but I planned that. My days off are Wednesday and Saturday but sometimes I use Saturday as a makeup day. After the 20 mile death ride on Friday, I chose to give myself Saturday off and not use it as a makeup day.

Tip Of The Day

Get Back Up!

That is a key to pretty much every successful diet. Nobody adheres to their diet 100% without an unplanned cheat here and there. The key is that you need to get up, brush yourself off and get back to work.

Don’t use a big bump up on the scale as an excuse to toss in the towel. and don’t use one cheat as an excuse to have another and another and another.

Get up, brush off the taco bell wrappers and sauce packets and start over. Done and done. No need hanging your head down doing the walk of shame.

I’m not hanging my head anymore. Maybe a bit last night but I am over and done with it. Time to get back to work and get into the 70s.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.



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