Perfect Storm

Biking Update

Positive Perfect Storm yesterday.

1. Overcast

2. Sunset


4. Ate 3700 calories on Saturday

5. Water Bottle.

All of that added up to a comparatively easy 20 mile ride Sunday.  I usually stop for a few songs at the 10 mile mark but I did not need to stop until about the 14.5 mile mark and that was just to take a quick water break.

I wasn’t initially headed out to do a 20 mile ride since I just did one on Friday, but with the almost ZERO wind, I had to take advantage of that. Plus my legs weren’t as wobbly as normal because I had  the massive calorie influx on Saturday night.

I won’t say the ride was easy, but it was the easiest 20 mile ride to date. Mainly because of the zero wind. I do think having the massive calories from the night before helped but at the end of the day, I think the lack of wind is what made the ride easier.

Unfortunately, the massive sodium influx is still messing with my scale.

Weight Statistics


Not happy about another increase. I had a perfect eating day yesterday and coupled with the long ride, I really expected a nice dip today not another 8/10 of a pound increase. That one caught me by surprise, but I guess it is possible I am still flushing out all that sodium and it is possible that the extra calories were converted to muscle. Also could be that demon is messing with my scale again. 😛

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Hamburger and cheese slice

Lunch – Broiled chicken and salad

Dinner – Tuna  with avocados and salad

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1100

Broiled chicken is so much better than my crock pot chicken although the seasoning might have a little to do with that. I used lots of lemon pepper which has sodium in it. I banished lemon pepper because the stupid bottles list sodium as an ingredient but not the amount.  Well, I decided the chicken tasting good was more important than knowing my exact sodium intake and that lemon pepper made the chicken taste great. 😀

Tip Of The Day


You have to learn to deal with plenty of frustration while on a diet. You just need to get over yourself and realize this is a long-term change which will be filled with many ups and downs.

I really don’t have any reason to be frustrated. My massive calorie fest at Taco Bell isn’t going to go away in 1 day. I know that. Plain common sense tells me it will take time to lose, yet I am still a tad irritated this morning. I really felt the 20 mile ride would knock some of the weight off, especially some of the water weight.

My scale really increased the irritation. I weighed my leg as usual to clear out the weight from the day before (183.6 ) then I got on the scale to get my current weight. 180.7 appeared!!! What the heck? All of the Taco Bell weight gone in one day? It didn’t make sense to me. Had to be a flawed reading, but I of course hoped it was real. I weighed my leg again, to clear the scale then got back on. 184.4!!! 😦

Tried it again two times and it kept coming up 184.4.  That flawed reading really soured me. The darn false reading made me happy and then EXTRA grumpy.

Oh well. I’m already over it. Frustration is part of the weight loss game. You need to get over it fast and just move on.

I hate when people say that we need to make lifestyle changes but hating it doesn’t make it less true.  We do need to make permanent changes to the way we eat.  I really no longer look at this as a diet but as a long-term change in my life which means I am going to have plenty of fluctuations up and down on that evil scale.  Thin people eat at Taco Bell, they just have more good eating days than bad eating days. We need to do the same.

This isn’t a race it is a journey. You need to use that mentality to ease the frustration. If you keep racing to your goal, it leads to extra pressure and frustration.  If you just try to have more good eating days than bad eating days, you will eventually reach your goals. I may not be a nutritionist but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. 😛

End ramblings.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow,


The Grumpy Man






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