Still Hungry

I had a good Sunday followed by a terrible Monday. I was starved. I couldn’t stop nibbling all day and night. I ended up eating way too much and I once again had thoughts of fast food running through my mind.

From time to time, this happens. It has been several months since the last time I was this hungry all the time. The long bike rides probably have something to do with it.

Weight Statistics


Tiny drop, but I am lucky I didn’t go up with the food I ate yesterday.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Hamburger, cheese slice, and salad

Lunch – Chicken salad

Dinner – Tuna with avocados

Snack – Chicken, hamburger, cheese slice

Calories – 2200

I think I made a mistake. What mistake? The darn broiled chicken in too darn tasty.  I’ve mentioned before that my willpower stinks. I keep temptation to a minimum in the house.  Usually 1 stewed chicken thigh is all I want to eat, but since I cooked the broiled chicken I have been mowing down at least 2 a day. 😛

Biking Update

I wasn’t planning on doing more than a short ride Monday because I did a long ride on Sunday.

Late afternoon showers, kept me from even a short ride. The normal rain patterns appear to be returning. It rained yesterday and it has rained off and on all day today. Not sure If I will be able to get out there or not.

Tip Of The Day

Choosing a diet is an important early step in your weight loss. The above video is a diet study done by a Stanford professor. He is a vegetarian so if there is any bias you would think it would be to lean towards the high carb, low-fat diets.

This is a long video, but worth a watch.  Cliff notes for those not interested. There wasn’t a huge variance between any of the diets he studied, but Atkins did have the most people lose the most weight.  He was also surprised that Atkins was king of blood pressure and other key health indicators from the blood work.

You could tell he wasn’t too keen on crowing Atkins champion but looking at all of the graphs of the weight loss and all health indicators, Atkins clearly won. Atkins won every single health indicator over low-fat diets, government recommended diets, and high carb diets.

Heck, he didn’t even make the test subjects adhere to induction, so they were really just doing a low carb diet as opposed to full-blown Atkins.

When it comes to choosing a diet, adherence to the diet is more important than the diet itself, although I do favor low carb. For me it is much more satisfying than any other diet.

At the end of the day, you need to find a diet you can stick with for the duration. It has to be something that gives you enough variation to stick it out through thick and thin. 😀

Happy dieting, see you tomorrow,



The Grumpy Man


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