Nap Time!

Biking Update

I had the best of intentions on Monday but I sat on the couch to put my socks and shoes on and the next thing I knew it was dark outside. 😛

Don’t worry, I got my ride in today. More on that tomorrow.

Weight Statistics


Boggles my mind to see 175.  Just unbelievable.  I am not even sure the last time I weighed 175.  Maybe somewhere around the summer of 82 when I was 13.  I am now just 10 pounds from my final goal.  It has taken me 16 difficult months but every single bit of pain and misery has been worth it. 😀

I really smoked Cad to the 175 mark. He is stuck at 195. I offered to make a bet with him to see who  could lose 10 pounds faster but given the fact I crushed him to 185 and he wasn’t even in the game on the race to 175, he passed on a final bet. 😀  Cad has been great. His incessant posting about his bike led me to my bike purchase. I guess that is a good thing. 😛

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger and cheese slice

Lunch  – Eggs with pepper jack cheese

Dinner – Broiled Chicken with salad

Snack – String cheese

Calories – 1450


I was over at my sister’s apartment doing a GIANT load of laundry around lunch time.  I was starved. I only had one option for lunch. Eggs. Guess what? I still hate them. I loaded them with cheese but I was unaware until after I ate the eggs that the cheese was some low sodium tasteless pointless cheese.  The cheese was bad and I grabbed the wrong seasoning blend so it might have been the lame cheese or the Italian seasoning I did not like. Probably a combination of all 3.

Tip Of The Day

This could almost be a rant. Be careful or avoid the energy bars. Those things are just slightly lower in sugar and calories than a snickers bar. Heck, even the “low carb” Atkins approved bars aren’t much better than candy bars and once you have one, you can’t have any more carbs all day.

Just avoid the energy bar aisle entirely. It really isn’t much different from walking down the candy aisle. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow


The Grumpy Man

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  1. Nice blog 🙂

  2. I’m amazed by the 175 figure too! And your daily posted menu is a good example of how to make healthy food choices. I’m looking forward to being able to MAKE choices once I get off the Optifast product. I agree with you about the bars. Right now I have two Optifast bars a day, and they are high protein, but I do feel like I’m eating candy bars and wouldn’t be my choice if it wasn’t part of the program.

    • Some are actually better than others but some of those bars really are just like candy. Plus, they taste good and it would be very hard for me to limit myself if I had a big box of them in the kitchen. As a kid my mom used to buy carnation instant breakfast bars and I would mow a few of those down anytime I passed the pantry.

      Some would argue about my meals being healthy, but they are certainly healthier than what I was eating before. I really have eaten more spinach in the last 16 months than the previous 40 years. 😀

      Keeping the menu simple has helped me get this far. I know if things are too much of a hassle, it gives me an excuse to quit. So I try to cut clean up to a minimum by cooking large batches at once.

      I know most people wouldn’t be able to handle the repetition of my diet. Wish I had switched from stewed chicken to broiled chicken a long long time ago. The burger I never seem to get sick of and I think the broiled/baked chicken will always be good.

      I am a bit turned off by tuna. Earlier in the diet I used to eat eggs and bacon for breakfast but it got to the point I could no longer tolerate eggs.

      I’m out of work so my limited budget has also been an issue which actually has probably helped the diet. I don’t have the money to be too extravagant with my meals. 😀

  3. I’m Jealous … I was so hoping to be 175 by the time I left for my trip … not to be. Main thing I am hoping … that I don’t gain while away. 🙂

    Congrats on the 175. Keep up the good work.

    • A vacation is a vacation. Don’t worry if you gain a few pounds. Have fun.

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