Day Off Thursday

In case you don’t know, one day a week I always skip my bike ride. Up to this point it has always been on Wednesday but I decided last week that I would move it to Thursday because I have a late afternoon conflict that makes me skip my ride most Thursdays. It was great taking today off and not having to stress over the ride. 😀

Biking Update

My legs were sore from the 20 mile ride on Tuesday. Miraculously, the skipping gear mess that was hounding me Tuesday disappeared yesterday. I didn’t do a single thing, yet the constant gear slippage stopped on its own accord. 😀

I stayed in the middle front gear the whole time but I did shift up and down in that gear depending on the wind.  It is going to take my legs some work to feel comfortable in this gear.

Lately, the wind has been nailing me on the last 3 miles of the ride which is a big pain.  The ride wasn’t too bad, especially since the gear problem went away on its own. 😀

Road Marker 410 – 10 Miles

Weight Statistics


I knew I was in for a bump up today. I was up late fixing my computer from the darn malware that hit me. I was starving around 12pm and I couldn’t stop my hand from grabbing a burger and cheese. 😦

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger and cheese

Lunch – Tuna salad

Dinner – Broiled chicken with salad

Snack – Burger and cheese, string cheese

Calories – 1550

Computer Update

It took me many different scans to find everything, but it appears (fingers crossed and wood knocked on) that my computer is once again malware free.  I rebooted in safe mode and ran TDSSKILLLER and Malwarebytes. They found nothing. I removed a program from the computer and hoped that did it. It did not.

Went back to safe mode and ran everything again. This time Malwarebytes found something and removed it. I also ran COMBOFIX which also found some things and removed them. I then reloaded back into normal mode and ran ESET Online Scan.  It found one thing and removed it.  I then ran Malwarebytes again followed by HitmanPro. Neither found anything and at this point my computer was behaving better.

Tip Of The Day

You need to stay positive and just understand there will be oddball days and plateaus. You can’t let either frustrate you. I am a bit Grumpy about the bounce up today. I am hoping to hit 173 before July 4th because I KNOW I will have a nasty bounce after my July 4th meal.  It could get ugly on the 4th. I know I am having a couple of hot dogs and I may be going somewhere for dinner too. Ouch.

But, those little bumps don’t get to me too much anymore because this isn’t a race to the finish. It is a new lifestyle of maintenance and watching my weight. If I gain a few pounds, no problem, I will lose them in a few days.

Don’t let frustration get you down and lead you to more cheats. It is a certain fact that if you keep working hard the weight will come off. So stay positive and vent frustration when you need to. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow




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  1. “Don’t let frustration get you down and lead you to more cheats. It is a certain fact that if you keep working hard the weight will come off. So stay positive and vent frustration when you need to.”

    I appreciate the reminder. I am being challenged right now and I just need to remember to stay positive. : )

  2. You’re right, it is not a race, sometimes I forget that! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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