Strange Saturday

Why strange? It is a strange Saturday (picture is Doctor Strange comic book hero) because I lost weight this morning even though I couldn’t stop eating last night and I skipped my bike ride Friday.

Weight Statistics


I was definitely expecting a LARGE gain this morning because I pigged out last night. Not on junk food or anything bad, but I couldn’t stop eating the broiled chicken.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger and cheese

Lunch – Tuna and salad

Dinner – Broiled chicken

Snack – String cheese, burger patty and cheese slice, broiled chicken, broiled chicken

Calories – 2150

I was starved yesterday, all day and night. Or was I……..

Tip Of The Day


Yesterday was a very stressful day and I think I might have done a bit of stress eating.  As stress eating goes, a little over 2000 calories isn’t bad. Thoughts of taco bell did creep into my head but I just kept telling myself that I could not cheat because I was going to have a cheat day on the 4th.

I still ended up cheating  a bit with the extra chicken and salad but that is much healthier and lower in calories than Nachos Belgrande, Double Decker Tacos and Volcano Tacos. At least I ate healthy food on my little stress binge.

If you are stressed out and find yourself reaching for food, try to find another release.  I didn’t do a very good job yesterday but it could have been worse.

Make sure you are eating because you are hungry and not because you need a little comfort and stress relief. Easier said than done. It is easy today to see I was more than a little stressed yesterday and in hindsight realize I did a little stress eating.  Harder to figure that out as it is happening but you need to try. If you find yourself overeating,  stop and just do a quick analysis of your day, take a few deep breaths, try to relax and then see if you are still hungry.

It is tough to catch this bad habit at the time it happens, but we need to move away from food as comfort.

Biking Update

None. I waited until the last-minute to head out and then I waited even longer. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

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