Super Frustration Sunday

I saw a big mean rabbit chasing a small rabbit over the levee yesterday while on my ride and it brought back the nightmare movie that is Watership Down. I remember watching this movie as a young kid thinking it was going to be a happy movie about rabbits. Guess I was wrong on that count. 😛

Biking Update

Weekly recap – 4 rides, two 20 mile rides, two 10 mile rides.

Much better than last week. Last week, I rode just two times and did not do a 20 mile ride.


I was feeling guilty yesterday about food I am going to eat on Monday. 😀

Feeling guilty, I decided to try a 20 mile ride for the second time this week. I don’t think I have ever done two 20 mile rides in the same week before.  OMG, it was so hot out there. Even at 6pm it was 96 with a heat index of 106.  Ouch.

The wind is back. It went away for a month but the last several days it has been back over 10 mph.  The wind plus riding on the middle gear made for a very tiring ride.

Army Corp Building – 20 miles

Weight Statistics


I am more than a little frustrated with the bump up after a 20 mile ride. Most of the time I lose weight on the day after. 😦

Not only did I have a nice long ride but I didn’t eat much yesterday.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Broiled chicken and salad

Dinner – Tuna and salad

Snack – Cheese salad

Calories -1000

I ran out of just about everything yesterday. I need to go to the store but there is no way I am setting foot in Walmart the day before the 4th. It must be insane in there right now. I think I have enough tuna and salad to last me until Tuesday but my calorie count is going to be a bit low.

4th Of July

Big planned cheat on the way. I haven’t had a hot dog since last 4th of July so I plan to mow a couple down tomorrow. I also plan to have some ice cream. I haven’t had anything sweet in over a year.  I need a little something sweet.

I was hoping my 20 mile ride would at least get me back to my low point, but it did not. 😦

The scale on Tuesday is going to be ugly. I don’t care. I’ll brush off the dust and pick myself back up and start fresh on Tuesday.

Tip Of The Day

Planned cheats are an important part of any diet. What?

Yup. I really think one of the reasons this diet worked for me is that from day one I told myself I would be able to enjoy holidays and a few meals with friends and family.  The cheats need to be rare, but they are important. Knowing that you can cheat, helps keep your sanity. It really does make things easier knowing that one cheat here and there won’t blow your diet.

For me it is usually once or twice a month.  I tend to be in hermit mode. I simply don’t have the willpower to go out every weekend for dinner with friends so hermit mode works best for me.  However, I do try to get out once or twice a month for a nice meal.

I don’t stress a bit about holidays.  This isn’t a race, it is a new lifestyle. The scale will move up sometimes and then I need to adjust to move it back down.

Total restriction is the wrong way for most people. It leads to stress and burnout. A planned cheat here and there removes a lot of that stress, even if you don’t use the cheats.  Just knowing you can is all it takes to remove a large chunk of the anxiety and stress from your diet.

Happy Dieting, see you (maybe) tomorrows



The Grumpy Man




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