The horror…….the horror…..

I wasn’t biking through the rain forest in Vietnam, but it sure felt like it yesterday. It was very hot and the humidity was off the charts.

Biking Update

Weekly Report – (1) 20 mile ride and (3) ten-mile rides. Well, in theory (3) ten-mile rides. I still have to do one today. 😛

I was down to the last two days to get a 20 mile ride done, so I decided to try yesterday. Big mistake. My legs should have been well rested because I didn’t ride on Thursday, but for some reason my legs were out of gas before I even hit the 5 mile mark. I should have turned around and headed home at 5 miles but I didn’t.  I kept going to the 10 mile mark.  I was exhausted at that point so I decided to sit down and take a break but an army of ants decided to descend upon me like a swarm of locusts.

At about the 12 mile mark, I stopped at a picnic table and took a nice little break and guzzled some water. Laying on the bench, I fantasized about picking up the bike and tossing it in the river. 😀

The wind beat me up on the way back.  For about 5 miles, I could barely pedal against the stinking wind.  My legs were rubber by the time I got back to my apartment. I couldn’t even get the bike up the stairs. I sat on the stairs for a good 20 minutes before heading up to my 3rd floor apartment. Once in the apartment, I felt a bit sick.  I drank some water to cool down and crashed on the couch for an hour at which point I felt better but I also felt hungry enough to eat a cow.

Army Corp Building – 20 miles

Weight Statistics


There was a slight increase in the scale today but that was probably caused by a late night burger patty and cheese. It was eat the burger  or head to taco bell.

I wanted to avoid a situation like the one pictured above so I ate the burger patty and cheese around 11pm. Who here thinks Taco Bell should pay me? I mention them all the time. Even though I am on a diet, they are the only fast food I have hit during the last 16 months. No McDonald’s or Popeye’s or Burger King or Raising Cane’s or Arby’s, just Taco Bell. I think they should pay me for all my talk of their evil tasty food.

I guess with all the burgers patties I have mowed down, I am not the least bit interested in cheating with a burger although I do miss fries. I also eat a lot of chicken so I haven’t felt the need to cheat with Popeye’s.  This blog has actually been a tremendous help because I have had only one unplanned cheat since February.  I think I averaged about 1 cheat per month before I started the blog although the average is a tad skewed because I crumbled one week and hit taco bell 4 times last summer.  PAY ME NOW, TBell!

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger and cheese

Lunch – Chicken and salad

Dinner – Chicken and salad

Snack – Chicken, burger and cheese

Calories – 1750

Not a very good eating day yesterday although the bike ride burned up about 900 of those calories thus the reason I was starved last night.

Job Update


I have a phone interview with Progressive coming up on Tuesday. Any and all prayers and tips are appreciated. 😀

Tip Of The Day

This is war!

Make sure you have all the necessary tools for battle.

1. An accurate digital bathroom scale. You may need to check online reviews before purchasing a scale because some scales are garbage. My scale is total garbage.

2. Measuring cups and spoons and maybe even a kitchen scale if you are doing Weight Watchers. Knowing your calorie intake is important so having the right tools to measure everything is key to a successful diet.

3. Labels. Try to buy food that has the nutritional information on the label. Very important.

4. Camera. Before/after photos can be a huge motivation. Yes you may not want to take before photos but believe me, I wish I had more before photos to keep me motivated.

5. MP3 player. Music makes exercise 1000 times easier. It really does.

6. Measuring tape. Similar to the photos. It is a good thing to take several measurements (arms, waist, thighs) at the start of your diet. Sometimes, the scale won’t move much but the measurements will.  It is good to have this information.

7. Food and weight log. Head over to and log all of your weight, measurement, exercise and food information.  A food log is very important so you can see what works and what doesn’t work.

8. Support Groups – very important. Plenty of online groups if you don’t belong to a local group. I use a sports site that happens to have a weight loss thread.

9. Shopping list – make a list and stick to it. Get in and out of the grocery store as quickly as you can.

10. Ice Tea or Coffee maker. Soft drinks and fruit juices are a no-no, so it is down to water, tea or coffee. I drank water alone for almost 6 months but I hated drinking water. I have since moved to coffee and green tea with splenda.  Make sure you get at least 64 ounces of water a day. I probably get 128.

Those tools along with your willpower and patience can help you be successful.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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