Bounce Up Wednesday

Lately, my weight has been bouncing around more than a 7-year-old in a bounce castle or space walk as they used to call them.

Weight Statistics


I ate too much again. It really disturbs me that I gain weight eating 1700 calories.  I should be able to eat between 2200-2500 calories a day depending on activity without a gain. 😛

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger patty with cheese

Lunch – Red beans and sausage

Dinner – Broiled chicken and salad

Snacks – Burger patty and cheese, broiled chicken

Calories – 1700 


I keep eating dinner way too early and then by 9pm I could eat shoe leather and love it. I did it again today so my calories will stink again tomorrow.

I’ve cut my carbs down and should be close to induction again but the hunger is still driving me crazy.

My step-dad added a rule to the competition. The 165 must be on a Monday weigh-in.

He thinks middle of the week weights don’t show your true weight. I actually think a Monday weight is elevated because people eat more on weekends.

Doesn’t matter, I’m going to beat him to 165 no matter what rules he adds. 😀

Biking Update


It was a bit warm yesterday so I waited until the very last-minute to leave then I waited another 30 minutes. 😀

Usually my point of no return is 7pm. If I am not out the door by then, I just give up for the day.

I waited until 7:30. I decided I could make it back before dark if I raced as fast as I could for 10 miles so out I went.

It wasn’t totally dark when I got back but there were lots of bugs nipping at me so I won’t wait that late again. Back to 7pm or no ride.

Road Marker 410 – 10 Miles

Tip Of The Day


Not a topic many wish to discuss but one that is actually pretty important if you are on a long-term low carb diet.  I tend to discuss tips that are pertinent to my day and today it is fiber.  Things have slowed down at the waste disposal factory.

I have been taking fiber supplements but I get a bit lazy from time to time and stop taking them.  I really haven’t been taking them for a couple of weeks but as of today I am back on the supplements.

Atkins induction limits you to 20 carbs a day so it is very easy to get a bit backed up. 😛

Don’t forget your fiber supplements if you are low carbing.  I won’t forget again. Well, at least not until the next time I forget. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



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