Rainy Day Madness

I went a little crazy last night and decided to just get rid of all of the beans. The madness part being that I ate them instead of tossing them. 😀

The good news is that I somehow did not gain weight even though I ate about 2200 calories yesterday.

Weight Statistics


No gain and no loss. I guess I must have been all set for a big loss day but eating all those beans kept me the same weight.

Tomorrow is going to be ugly. Dinner did not go well……no she did not. 😀

I feel a BIG BOUNCE up coming tomorrow.  I ate too darn much and I feel sick as I type this. Taco Madness took control of my brain.  More on that tomorrow with the BIG BOUNCE UP.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Broiled chicken

Lunch – Tuna with salad

Dinner – Broiled chicken and salad

Snack – Cheese,  Lots of beans

Calories – 2150

Biking Update

I just didn’t have the energy to get out in the heat yesterday. My big plan was to have a long ride today but rain and other things got in the way. 😛

2 bike rides are better than none and I did get a 20 mile ride in this week, but I really need to get back to at least 4 rides a week.

Tip Of The Day


Don’t buy gold. Hey, it doesn’t say diet tip of the day. It simply reads “tip of the day.”  Under no circumstances attempt to find the 5th dentist to find out why he does not recommend Trident sugarless gum. 😛

You need to roll with the punches. I’m going to take a knee to the groin tomorrow when I get on the scale. It will not be pretty. Everything I ate tonight was loaded with salt or sugar. Heck, I left a few minutes early because the brownies were begging me to finish them off. 😀

The key to a long-term diet is the ability to shake off the bad days and adapt when needed.  Now that I had a full-blown cheat, I am ready to shake off the dust and get back to work.

My step dad will call me Monday morning to let me know how much of a lead he has on me to 165.  I might not be able to win this race but I will try to make it close from this point forward.

Don’t spend too much time dwelling on past mistakes. I won’t. I might whine a bit here after I weigh myself tomorrow, but soon after, it will be out of my mind and back to work on 165.

Oh, and don’t buy gold.

Happy dieting, see you tomorrow


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