Up Up and Away!

Wow! I was expecting a gain but not back up to 177!!! I know I ate a lot of high sodium food but wow!

Weight Statistics


Eek! I really have to hope my step dad has a bad weekend which isn’t very nice. 😀

He may have an insurmountable lead on me at this point. I guess we will see tomorrow when he does his weekly weigh-in.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – salad

Lunch – Tuna and salad

Dinner – cheese spread with wheat thins. Guacamole with wheat thins. Taco meat on lettuce with sautéed green and white onions and more guacamole. Brownies.

Snack – None

Calories – 2500+++

I had two servings of the taco meat and I ate a TON of the cheese spread. Tons. Then on top of that I think I ate about 4 brownies. Total meltdown.  Everything was loaded with sodium.  Only good news is that I am totally out of all food other than salad fixings so I only had salads today. 😛

Biking Update

I couldn’t get to the bike on Saturday. It rained, I went to see a movie with my mom and sister and then a few minutes after the movie was over I went over to my stepsister’s for dinner.  I just didn’t have the opportunity to ride. Even though Sunday is one of my days off, I did ride today. More on that tomorrow.

Tip Of The Day

Don’t blame the scale.  😛

As much as I would like to toss that mean thing off my 3rd story balcony, I am the one that went cookie monster on the cheese dip and brownies.  It happens. The important thing is to limit those cookie monster moments and don’t let them cause you to quit or move on to the next cookie monster moment.

I had a terrible night last night but a flawless day today. Yes, it is easier to have a flawless day when the only food in the house is salad and a piece of cheese.  😀

I have definitely proven that I am no good at eating carbs so my purchases at Walmart tomorrow will be mostly carb free.  Beans are out and avocado and tuna is back in.

I think I will have a much better eating week this week without the extra carbs which were making me hungry all of the time.

Hopefully the massive weight gain will only hang around for a few days, if not I’ll just take a sledgehammer to the scale even though the scale is not the problem. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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