The Big Battle For 165

Not since spy vs spy has there been such an epic battle between two foes.   😀

Not since Rocky and Apollo Creed has there been such an epic battle of behemoths.

Step-dad – 169

Me – 176.1

He has a HUGE lead at the moment which will make the win even more sweet when I beat him to 165.  😛

He is doing weight watchers and I am doing Atkins so it is a battle of the diets too.

Weight Statistics


I was hoping for a bigger drop today. I guess I ate more than I thought on Saturday.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Salad

Lunch – Salad

Dinner – Salad

Calories – 700

I was out of everything. Zero food other than salad and I really didn’t want to head to the store. I finally relented around 9pm and headed to the store so I would have something to eat for breakfast this morning.

Biking Update

Sunday is one of my days off but with all the recent rain and excuses, I decided to head up to the levee.

It rained most of the day which was great because that kept things around 80 degrees.

Road Marker 410 – 10 Miles

I want to get a long ride in today but it is raining as I type.

Tip Of The Day

Go back to what you know works. 😀

I get bored and change things up from time to time, but I always end up back on Atkins induction because it almost always works better than anything else.

One good reason to keep a daily journal is that you can look back to see what worked and what did not work.

Over the last 16 months it is clear I lose more weight on Atkins and I lose nothing when I eat too many carbs.

Keep a journal and get back to what works if you find yourself stuck.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow


The Grumpy Man


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