All Knotted Up Monday

The race tightens again.

Sam – 168

Me – 168.3

We can’t seem to get much separation from each other. He stayed the same from his Thursday weight and I was able to drop my weekend gain.

Weight Statistics


Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Burger patty and cheese

Lunch – Salad

Dinner – Burger patty, cheese and salad

Snack – Cheese slice

Calories – 1000

Biking – 499

Net Calories – 501

I cut the calories and sodium yesterday to try to drop that weekend gain which I did. Don’t worry, I am back to my normal menu today.

Biking Update

I opted out on my day off and headed up to the levee. I am starting to get a little angry with the wind again. It isn’t that it is blowing like it was in April and May, but it seems to be coming from a direction that slows me down, no matter which direction I am riding. It never seems to be right behind me so I don’t get a pleasant wind aided portion of the ride.

It wasn’t super hot when I went out yesterday but the humidity was off the charts. I looked like I had been swimming in my clothes by the time I got home.

Road Marker 410 – 10 Miles

Oh yeah. It is that time again. I spent 4 hours today over at my mom’s place working on her computer because some stupid thing called mydelldownloader kept popping up and would not go away. It would pop up on top of anything you were working on and move the cursor to the pop up so it was impossible to work on the computer.

The mess was so intrusive I figured that it had to be malware pretending to be Dell. I spent 4 hours running anti-virus programs, malware programs and trojan hunters.

Finally I came to the conclusion that the stupid intrusive pop up was actually, DELL. I should have started with google first but I just didn’t think this mess could possibly be the fault of Dell. Turns out it is and they have known about this mess for a long time without fixing it.

I had to go into a file folder and delete some file called toaster.exe. Problem solved. Pop up dead. Great job Dell.

Every year they stick more garbage on the computers they sell. Guess what guys, you sell computers not operating systems. Quit putting garbage on the computers that slow them down and don’t do a bit of good. Do you want everyone to move to Apple?

Tip Of The Day

Get a good digital scale.

I bring this up because Sam does not have one with tenths so the race to 165 could end with lawsuits on both sides disputing the final  results.

He doesn’t have a digital scale and those old-fashioned scales are hard to read accurately. I think I may need to hire the same accounting firm that keeps the Oscar ballot safe.

It is better to have a digital scale so you can see some progress even if minor. Every little bit helps. Plus it would help avoid the courtroom drama we are sure to have over the race to 165 which will make hanging chad seem like child’s play.

I sure hope that guy is not involved in the final weigh-in. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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  1. I can’t stop laughing! Great post.

  2. I am wondering what a good digital scale is. I thought I had one until I went into the doctor’s office and weighed in 4 pounds heavier than my scale. I went in for a colonoscopy but I think I left there with cardio issues after seeing the weight gain! : 0

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