Now what?

“My goal is to get down to 185 and then keep myself around that weight or lower for the next year.”

That was me back on Feb 7, 2011.

It is funny how my goal kept changing. When I first started, I wanted to lose 100 pounds which sounded ridiculous but that was my goal. As I neared that goal around Christmas, the big 200 barrier was next. I wanted to get below 200. Then came 185 followed by 175 followed by 165. In the words of Ben Fong Torres, “Crazy.”

Time for maintenance.

I’ve been doing low carb and Atkins induction for most of the last 17 months. I never planned to eat low carb the rest of my life so I will be adding carbs back into my diet which will make me ravenously hungry until I can settle on the right number of calories and carbs.

Weight Statistics


Not sure how I had a dip down today. I ate plenty yesterday. It is nice to be a tad below my goal. 😀

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Broiled chicken

Lunch – Broiled chicken and salad

Dinner – Broiled chicken and salad

Snack – Wasabi peas (yum)

Calories – 1950

Biking – 0

Net Calories – 1950

I need to finish off the chicken and then my new menu should kick in. I plan on having oatmeal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch with a salad and then whatever for dinner. The whatever for the first week will be red beans and rice with sausage.  All portions have been increased.  I want to be eating about 2000 to 2100 calories a day. Maybe a little more if I actually get a bike ride done.

Biking Update

As I mentioned yesterday, my brain tried to convince me to hit a buffet to celebrate. I was able to avoid that line of thought because I gave myself the day off from the bike ride with no guilt or second thought.  I do need to get back up there today. It has been over a week since my last ride.

Thanks To Everyone

Thanks for all the great comments yesterday and today. Good support makes all the difference. Heck, we even had a special visit to the site by Sam. 😀

Tip Of The Day

The absolute most important golden rule of maintenance is that you MUST continue to weigh yourself. Heck, if you didn’t weigh yourself everyday before, you might want to start in maintenance. You need to stop the creep up immediately.

In the past, I would not only stop weighing myself but I would HIDE the scale. I would stick it in the back of a closet or under the sink. Out of sight, out of mind.

KEY KEY KEY GOLDEN RULE! Do not hide the scale. Keep getting on that scale regularly and adjust your diet as needed. My scale won’t move from the spot in the bathroom and I will continue to climb on that thing daily.

I guarantee people who gain back their lost weight at some point stopped weighing on a regular basis. Of course just weighing yourself doesn’t hold you in place. You need to act when you see that movement creeping upwards. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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