Maybe it is time to panic!!!

Weight Statistics


5 pounds in 4 days! How is this even possible on under 2000 calories a day. Yesterday I had 1550 calories and I went on a 10 mile ride yet I gained ANOTHER pound.

5 pounds since the 164.5 weigh-in on Tuesday!!!

I was supposed to go out tonight and maybe go out for lunch today but I am in full-blown enter the bunker panic hermit mode.

Down I go and I am not sure when I will be seen again. 😛

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Instant oatmeal (maple)

Lunch – Red beans and rice with sausage

Dinner – Turkey sandwich and salad

Snack – Wasabi peas

Calories – 1550

Biking – 485

Net Calories – 1065

How did I gain weight from that? Especially after gaining weight every day for the last 3 days.  I should be losing weight from that calorie count not gaining!!!

Biking Update

After a 10 day absence from the levee, I finally forced myself up there. I thought it would be an easy ride with my legs well rested but it was not easy. The wind smacked me pretty good and as usual my weather site lied and said the wind was nonexistent. The trees seemed to disagree with that assessment.

It was 94 degrees at 7pm when I headed out.  I really wasn’t hot for most of the ride because of the “Nonexistent ” wind. My legs were actually a bit sore by the time I arrived back at my apartment.  I guess the ride wasn’t too bad because I did carry the bike up the stairs without a little sit down break.

Road marker 410 – 10 miles

I want to get out there today but I might not be able to if I go out tonight. If I do go full hermit mode I should be able to ride this evening.

Tip Of The Day

My grumpy level is off the charts at the moment. It is in full red tilt mode. On a scale of 1 to 10, grumpiness is at 11.

Vent frustration!!!

Yup that is a tip and that is what I have been doing in the blog today. I’ve already vented plenty over at the other weight loss site I visit.

I’m at a bit of a loss over the gain. I usually have some idea what is going on but in this case I can’t figure out 4 straight days of gains on under 2000 calories and well under 1500 net calories yesterday.  I know Atkins is a natural diuretic so switching back to carbs will cause a water re-balancing. I just didn’t expect 5 pounds.  I am angry confused and frustrated and I was already grumpy to start out with.

Blowing off steam is important because you will have many frustrating moments like I am experiencing at the moment. Make sure you have a support group where you can blow off steam and receive a bit of positive encouragement in return.

Grumpy Dieting, see you tomorrow




The Angry & Grumpy Man


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