That baby has the exact same look I had on my face this morning after I got on the scale, saw my weight, then calmly placed some dynamite on the scale and headed for the choppa.  A shame that was just a nice daydream. That scale really deserved a bit of pain this morning.

Weight Statistics


Up 1.3 pounds even though I had a great eating day. I just don’t get it. Up almost 8 pounds in 8 days without cheating. So I snapped. I cheated. I didn’t go crazy but I am sure I will have an even more annoying scale reading tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Meal Plan

Breakfast – Oatmeal

Lunch – Read beans and sausage

Dinner – Turkey sandwich with salad

Snack – Chicken wrap with salad, Coconut ice cream bar

Calories – 1350

Biking – What is this biking you speak of?

Net Calories – 1350

I have no clue what is going on. Atkins or carbs, I should be losing weight not continuing to go up. I went a little bonkers today and ate an extra red beans portion and I went to Popeye’s. First trip to Popeye’s since the diet started 17 months ago.

I only have one option at this point and that is to head back into Atkins induction until I lose this weight, then try again to add some carbs back into my diet but this time using the slower Atkins maintenance instead of just jumping full throttle back into carbs.

Biking Update

No excuse. Just didn’t want to head up to the levee last night so I didn’t.  😛

Tip Of The Day


When you have a bit of a temper tantrum pity party like I had today, you need to grab that rebound and take another shot. I won’t let today send me into an out of control spiral. I know what I need to do so I will do it. Back to Atkins induction and then once I am back to 165, I will slowly add carbs back into my diet.

Don’t let one bad mistake spiral out of control and cause you to continue making more mistakes. Grab that ball and take another shot. I will starting tomorrow. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow



The Grumpy Man


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  1. I have some ideas that might work Grumpy. Not that I think you need my in put, but I just have to say I hate seeing you mad and completely understand you feeling that way. I basically live and eat Atkins style when I am not on the OptiFast Diet. It and paleo work GREAT for blood sugar control without meds. Atkins has a higher fat than paleo.

    While you are trying to introduce your body back to carbs — what If –you switched over to a no more than 4 oz of added fat (olive oil and the like — NO Butter or other saturated fat) only lean meat and low glycemic veggies, then I bet you could add in the carbs of fruit without a big shift in weight, possibly losing. You don’t add bread or potatoes in large quanities think 90 percent of the time you eat lean meat, veggies, and fruit (not bananas they would be 10% fruit or 30 min before riding your bike–gives you mucho gogo juice) with your 10% being bread, potatoes, or other starchy carby veggies.

    Just an idea. You have done so amazingly well I feel a little silly giving you any kind of advice. Do understand I share out of respect and well wishes. 😀

    • No reason to feel silly. My first stab at maintenance was a wonderful explosive failure. 😀

      Hopefully it is mostly water I can get back to 165 in a few weeks and try again at that point.

  2. Conspiracy theory…
    Atkins reps have remote control over your scale so you will continue to promote their diet and lifestyle. As you wander onto the scale in the morning they throw their heads back with evil laughter, high five each other while chanting “Induction! Induction! Induction!”.
    : )

    • You are so funny girl. Oh and Grumpy — GREAT Tip of the Day. 🙂

    • I will check the scale for remote control bugs. I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility. 😀

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